Pattern Fabrics for Curtains + Blinds

Want to update a room but don’t want the hassle of renovating the entire space? What easier way than to change out your curtains, blinds, or both?!

A really simple way to add a statement to any room is to introduce a pattern fabric. Adding patterned curtains or blinds is a really fun, versatile way to liven up your room without it costing a fortune or disrupting your life. At Stitched, our curtains + blinds are handmade to measure, to your specifications and delivered within 4 -6 weeks. You can do as much or as little as you want, from measuring to installation, and for anything in between, we are here to help, book a free virtual consultation.

Or here are our guides on how to get started with your measurements.

stripe lounge curtains stripe lounge curtains

When you think about it, it’s actually the window that chooses the pattern, rather than us. Here’s what your window looks for in a pattern fabric.

Vertical Stripes: You are a tall glass of water! You appreciate length and will accentuate my height, no matter how big or small I am. Drawing the eye upwards, you’re a natural at making me look long and slim.

Best matched with: small, wide or high windows.

Horizontal stripes: You can really pull the best out of anyone! So easy-going you are literally laying down, you will fill me up with confidence, making me feel bigger and wider. You draw the eye outwards, making any little ole window feel 10 foot wide!

Best matched with: blinds for small windows.

stripe fabric stripe fabric

Thick stripes: Oh my, you are bold! Your oversized stripes make me feel loud and proud, ready to take on any room. You can be a little domineering so make sure not to overpower smaller windows.

Best matched with: bigger rooms with large windows that will wear the stripe well.

Pinstripes: The introvert of the stripe world, you give me a sense of elegance and classic style. Whether horizontal or vertical, you will always be discreet while adding a little bit of somethin’ somethin’ to my aesthetic.

Best matched with: like all introverts, the smaller the party, the bigger the impact - small windows in smaller rooms.

check fabrics check fabrics

Large checks: Just like Beyonce, you steal the show no matter where you go. Your big personality needs to be met with an equally large space and not everyone is ready for that…

Best matched with: big rooms that can handle all that jelly.

Small checks: Full of charm, you bring real wholesomeness to any lucky window who comes your way. Easy to adapt, you fit in well everywhere and bring a real sense of dimension to a room.

Best matched with: all kinds of rooms and windows.

check curtain
checked fabric
stripe curtains

Excited about matching your windows to a pattern that can change their entire look?

spot pattern curtain
star pattern curtain
embroidered spot curtain

Did you know that you can get up to 8 samples sent to you for free? Within a couple of days, you’ll receive your pack, complete with helpful tips and info. Happy match-making!