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Pattern Fabrics for Curtains + Blinds

Want to update a room but don’t want the hassle of renovating the entire space? An easy way to refresh a space is to change out your curtains and blinds and a simple way to add character to any room is to introduce a pattern fabric. Adding patterned curtains or blinds is a really fun, versatile way to liven up your room without it costing a fortune or disrupting your life. At Stitched, our curtains and blinds are handmade to measure to your specifications. From measuring to installation, and for anything in between, we are here to help. Or here are our guides on how to get started with your measurements.

Different patterns create different looks and feels. Here’s a quick guide on which patterns to choose for certain windows and rooms…

Vertical stripes: These will draw the eye upwards creating the illusion of larger windows, no matter how big or small they actually are!

Best matched with: small, wide or high windows.

Horizontal stripes: Similar to vertical stripes, these can make your window appear wider and therefore your room can feel bigger!

Best matched with: blinds for small windows.

Thick stripes: Ideal for more maximalist interiors in bright and bold colours. Thick stripe curtains are best avoided on small windows as they almost drown it out.

Best matched with: bigger rooms with large windows that will wear the stripe well.

Pinstripes: The introvert of the stripe world as they create a sense of elegance and classic style. Whether horizontal or vertical, pinstripes are always discreet while adding a little bit of playfulness to a room.

Best matched with: small windows in smaller rooms.

green striped curtains and blinds stripe living room curtains pink check kitchen blinds

Large checks: A statement fabric that is loud, proud and a little bit playful. Check curtains and blinds can work on any window, but look best on smaller ones.

Best matched with: windows in kitchens for a classic look.

Small checks: Small checks are subtle and add a layer of texture and charm to any space.

Best matched with: all kinds of rooms and windows.

Stars and stripes: Our range of spot and star fabrics are super-cute and ideal for nurseries and children’s rooms.

Best matched with: smaller windows.

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