The Definitive Guide To Pooling

Pooling is the word used for the amount of fabric that gathers on the floor at the foot of your window. The pooling option you select determines the style of your curtains are floor level. Here’s a bit more information about the pooling options we have on offer…

Bold red curtains with chair in front

Just Touching

Good for a sharp modern look, especially in new builds, and easy to clean around.

Bright yellow curtains and cushions on a stripped rug
colourful living room with smooth furniture
pattern inspired bedroom

Normal Pooling

Hides uneven floors and creates warmth and character in your room. To create this look, we add 5cm of fabric to your curtain height.

Bright pink wool curtains
living room with grey walls and baby pink features
close up of grey curtains and white linen curtains

Generous Pooling

A dramatic, designer look that also hides uneven floors. To create this look, we add 12cm fabric to your curtain height.

Long red curtains
light blue themed bedroom
grey sofa and green wool curtains close up

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