Creating A Relaxing Space at Home

You are at home AGAIN. You have attended 5 online yawn inducing meetings. You are rocking your favourite pair of jogging bottoms, so far, so 2020! This winter we will be at home more than ever, the days are shorter and our social freedoms have had more changes than a round of the hokey-cokey. There are some simple steps we can put in place to ensure our homes don’t fatigue us this winter and we use the space to rest, relax and come out of the pandemic feeling energised. Here is how to make staying at home this winter work for you. Not only important for sleep, your bedroom should be a space in your home for you to fully relax and recharge in after the day, when the winter nights are feeling cold and dark then nothing beats hunkering down with a soft duvet and a good book. So whether sleeping, resting, relaxing or procrastinating see our top tips for creating a cosy, inviting and restful space.

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