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Red Curtains behind grey sofa

Five ways to make your rental property feel more homely

In the UK, we have always had a different attitude to property ownership than citizens of countries such as France and Germany. While the Continentals are comfortable renting, in the UK we like to be kings and queens of our own castles. The challenge comes when the castle is actually owned by someone else! To make your rental property feel more like home, here are five ways to put your own stamp on a rented house.

dark painted walls with bright curtains

01. Use the transformative power of paint

It’s always wise to seek permission first, but many landlords will be happy for you to paint walls and woodwork, particularly if they can be convinced that by doing so you will improve the property. A cautious landlord may worry about any future tenants not sharing your taste so if this is the case, be prepared to return walls to their original colour before you leave.

mid century flat pack furniture

02. Invest in the stuff you can take with you

Rugs, cushions, artwork and accessories all travel well and are a great way of expressing your personality. Avoid spending money on things that travel less well, for example budget flat-packed furniture may be easy to build (and in budget) but it can be a nightmare to dismantle. It’s better to buy a few smaller well made items that will travel well. There are lots of bargains out there for the savvy furniture buyer (try eBay and Facebook marketplace). Or, if you’re a little more flush with cash, invest in well-made flat-packed furniture.

Chameleon wallpaper and purple curtain close up

03. Use removable wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way of adding pattern and interest to a space and the range of removable wallpaper is increasing all the time. It can be used on furniture as well as walls to inject instant personality to a space. Similarly, wall stickers are no longer the preserve of children’s rooms and are available in myriad styles. Check out HARU tape, it’s available in a multitude of colours, widths and patterns. Originating from Japan, this decorating resource allows you to create bold, graphic designs on your walls with huge impact. Our top tip for removing any of the above is to warm with a hairdryer first. That way, the paint won’t come off with the wallpaper!

Framed art prints on a wall

04. Create a great display

Our choice of artwork and accessories says a lot about who we are. If you’re concerned about hammering nails into a wall to hang pictures, use command strips - - - sticky hooks that come in a range of sizes and can be stuck to and removed from walls with minimum fuss. Just remember to choose the right size for the weight of your artwork and read the instructions carefully.

Grey and white curtains in a study room

05. Invest in well-made blinds and curtains

At Stitched, we believe that nothing dresses a room as well as a beautiful blind or pair of curtains. They lift a space and instantly make it feel like home. What’s more, chosen well, they’ll stand the test of time and happily travel with you when you decide to leave. They can also be altered for future homes making them a sensible and sustainable investment!

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