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Why say ‘no’ to polyester fabrics

With Stitched it’s easy to make more eco-friendly choices for your home with our range of natural or recycled fabrics.

We have created a range of over 300 eco-conscious fabrics so you can find the perfect match for your curtains or blinds. Our mills based in Yorkshire and Lancashire create fabrics that are 100% natural or recycled. Every fabric is different in touch, feel and fibre - - - check out our fabric chart for our eco ratings.

Why should I avoid polyester? Polyester is a synthetic fabric - - - in other words man-made. This means it isn’t biodegradable like our natural or recycled fabrics and as it is a mass produced, cheaply made fabric, it’s the main culprit in the world of fast fashion. As a soft furnishing in our home it retains bad odours, is more flammable than natural fabrics and doesn’t last as long as quality curtains and blinds due to its synthetic fibres. So investing in quality window apparel will stop you having to replace your curtains or blinds every few years!

The likes of Hillarys, Blinds2go, Dunelm and even John Lewis have a very limited range, or no eco-fabrics at all, that are actually good for your home and the planet. You will find that the majority of their ranges are made from polyester. Our curtain and roman blind fabrics are 100% natural, rapidly renewable and even made from recycled materials. We call them feel-good fabrics for a reason. Take a look at our fabric collections.

You can be sure you’re paying a fair price for quality, ethical production and personalised designs. With our focus on the quality and craftsmanship of our curtains and blinds, our prices accurately reflect what we do. We consistently work to achieve a sustainable and traceable supply chain, with a minimal carbon footprint. We create your hand-picked designs and fairly price every step of the process.

We want you to feel proud of the quality, origin and heritage of your curtains + blinds. All of our curtains + blinds are handmade by master sewistas whose families have been hemming and stitching in the UK for generations. No factories overseas, as you see with Hillary’s, Blinds2go or John Lewis, will ever be able to produce the level of quality you get with Stitched.

recycled red living room curtains natural neutral living room curtains

Measure to Mill to You. The process is simple and easy to understand, and all done from the comfort of your home without needing a sales-talking-middleman. We’ve done this all so you can focus on the fun part - - - choosing the perfect curtains and blinds. With each step, you can see how your quote is built and have the flexibility to change details to meet your budget.

Design support at your fingertips. We’ve also created helpful, easy-to-follow online measuring and installation guides. And an online studio to let your inner designer come out. All are supported by a team of experts, on hand to help get all your questions answered - just book a virtual consultation and get things all sewed up in just 20 minutes.

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