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scandi style living room curtains

Get the look: Scandi interior style

Scandi design is special. Maybe it’s the way the Scandinavian’s successfully balance minimalism with a warm, unpretentious and inviting style. Or maybe it’s how they carefully consider the feel of a space as much as the aesthetic, creating spaces that have that little bit of magic about them. Forget 80’s Ikea flat pack furniture, Scandinavian’s know all about good living and their foundations start in simplicity and turning to our natural world for inspiration. So what’s the secret? We’ve rounded up a few great ways to get inspired by Scandi design…

Green fern plans in a neutral schemed room

Simplicity and minimalism is key

Scandi style tends to keep bases - floors, walls, ceilings - light and bright, but they also love to play with high contrast. Think light shades of wood mixed with industrial style, black crittall doors. Simple furniture items with clean lines also create the pared-down, minimalist look you’re after. Declutter where possible if you want to live like a cool Scandi. This is where great storage is absolutely necessary. Carefully considered storage solutions will enable your home to be both functional and clean, allowing more space for the good and the beautiful.

scandi themed bedroom with hints of mint

Simple accents of colour and texture bring it all together

Using simple accents of bold colour or layering textures can add even more personality to Scandi style spaces. The Scandis prefer clean wooden floors, so drop the carpet and instead infuse your space with other forms of cozy texture. Fluffy deep pile rugs or faux animal hides add soft cosiness to wooden floors. Curtains and blinds made of natural fabrics drape beautifully and are perfect for adding to the natural dimension of a Scandi scheme. For the optimal Scandi look, choose a sheer curtain that will allow maximum natural light to fill your room. It’s all about embracing the natural!

scandi style bay window roman blinds

Natural textures

The Scandis are masters at making a simple space cozy. A good way to achieve this is through warm natural materials like timber. Sculptural furniture, natural materials and great craftsmanship is important, especially when it comes to applications of wood on floors, walls, wooden furniture, decorative objects, lighting… essentially anywhere and everywhere you can think of. Natural materials will add warmth to any space and help contribute to its tranquillity.

scandi style room with green plants

Organic forms

The Scandi’s often embrace organic forms and patterns found organically in our natural world. Think soft and curving forms like Jacobsen’s Egg chair or elegant, naturally occurring patterns, like the honeycomb for instance. The Scandi’s also turn to plants to help breathe life and beauty into their homes. These nods to the natural world instantly add warmth and a sense of familiarity, making the space feel more like a home.

scandi style bedroom curtains

Get cozy with lighting

Although clean lines dominate, in these typically cold countries, the Scandinavian’s know to add an element of psychological warmth to their homes through clever lighting solutions. An easy way to do this is to use tea or fairy lights for soft, diffused lighting. These can be hung draped over furniture, like headboards, or strategically tacked to the wall. An eclectic selection of beautiful candles will also always do the trick. We know that Scandi’s know how to take a home to the next level. So hey, why not copy them?

Our Scandi Selection

Here are a few of our top fabric picks for creating curtains and blinds with Scandi minimalism in mind.


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