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Spring + Summer Interior Trends for 2024

Spring and Summer is the season of renewal and growth, making it the perfect time to freshen up your interiors and breathe new life into your home. One of the easiest ways to incorporate the newest trends is to introduce colour, texture and pattern into your decor. Whether you opt for soft pastels, bold brights or natural shades, there are plenty of ways to refresh your home this Spring and Summer. Let’s explore some of the top Spring and Summer 2024 trends and how you can use them to transform your interiors.

Soft pastels

Soft pastels are a classic Spring colour palette and are perfect for creating a serene and calming atmosphere. Think pale pinks, mint greens and powder blues on soft furnishings such as cushions, throws and rugs. Let’s not forget you can also use Spring shades for your made to measure curtains and blinds. You could also consider painting a feature wall in a pastel shade - - - we love COAT Paints Spring Edit.

pastel pink bedroom curtains pastel green dining room curtains pastel blue bedroom curtains

Bright hues

This Spring and Summer embrace bright hues such as fuchsia, turquoise and orange. These colours are perfect for injecting energy and life into your interiors. To avoid overwhelming your space, use brights as an accent colour - - - perhaps through a statement piece of furniture or accessories. Or why not frame your view with bold made to measure curtains or made to measure blinds!

Bold patterns

Bold patterns like floral prints, stripes and checks will continue to be popular in 2024. These patterns add visual interest and create a statement in any room. Think the perfect Tuscan Gingham Check Roman Blind in a kitchen or Amalfi Stripe Roman Blind framing a cosy seating nook. Shop our range of pattern fabrics.

neutral striped bedroom roman blinds striped kitchen roman blind

Earthy colours

Earthy colours like olive green, terracotta, burnt orange, and mustard yellow are expected to be popular choices in 2024. These colours add warmth and depth to any room, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Think textured linens in Cypress Grove to soft sheen linen in Oia Sunset.

Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials like bamboo, jute and recycled plastic will continue to be popular in 2024. These materials not only look great but also have a lower environmental impact. If you’re looking for recycled fabrics for your window apparel, take a look at Revive Recycled Curtains, made from recycled plastic bottles in muted hues. Or, our Upcycled Cotton Curtains range, made from 100% recycled cotton and uses four recycled plastic bottles per metre!

recycled sustainable fabric relaxed linen fabric

Natural textures

Natural textures like raw wood, linen, and wool are expected to be big in 2024. These textures add depth and interest to a room, creating a cosy and inviting space. Adding textured fabrics to your windows will create warmth and depth. You can also layer textures across soft furnishings such as cushions, throws and rugs. Our top textured fabric for 2024 is Flax - - - a natural feeling fabric that combines cosy flax and wool yarns, available in a spectrum of colours.

Minimalist design

Minimalism is still going strong in 2024, with clean lines, simple shapes and neutral colours dominating the interior design scene. This style creates a serene and peaceful environment that’s perfect for relaxation. Take a look at Hillary’s Stitched home for some minimalist inspiration.

hillary's neutral curtains natural flax curtain

Our top fabric picks for 2024

Of course, trends come and go and the best way to create a timeless interior is to choose pieces that speak to your personal style and preferences. But if you need a helping hand, here are some of our favourite fabrics to create a timeless interior.