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Technology in the Home / Curtain + Blind Visualiser

Way back in the late 1980’s, we laughed and marvelled at the imaginative, futuristic gadgets in Back to the Future II. Who could imagine living in a world where George McFly would get fired by video call in his own home? Or that your fingerprint could be electronically recognised to unlock your doors? Not only did they predict some of these technologies (or maybe they were inspiration?!) technology has far exceeded these seemingly pie in the sky creations.

We almost take it for granted these days, but having Broadband meaning our homes are constantly connected, has been a turning point in how we now live in our homes. TV on demand, streaming services for as many films, series, podcasts and albums that we can consume are now the norm. The world of gaming has been utterly transformed, with gamers now able to connect and play online with friends or fellow gamers all around the world.

Household chores have been shaken up as well, with smart ovens that you can control from your tablet or smartphone. The ease of being able to turn it on from your smart device, getting notifications when your meal is cooked, and a light self-cleaning function - - - it’s the stuff of dreams! Robotic vacuuming has revolutionised family life, with no more arguments about whose turn it is. The dawn of virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Home and Siri have the capacity to control up to 30,000 devices including lights, thermostats as well as all of your home’s smart appliances.

artwork on wall lightbulbs hanging over stairs

It’s not just in the kitchen and living room where technology is now king, bathrooms are also smart these days! If you watch any home improvement or real estate tv shows, smart toilets always get a huge amount of attention. With motion detection sensors, we no longer even need to lift a lid! Staying in the bathroom, smart mirrors, or magic mirrors as they are also called, with integrated speakers, time, weather, news and social media updates are also aiming to make our lives much easier at the touch of button, or swipe of a finger!

There are some things that never change though and that’s the need for beautiful made to measure curtains and made to measure blinds to keep our smart homes warm, stylish and private. Our fantastic AR (augmented reality) App is our way of making your life easier through technology advancements. Gone are the days of struggling up ladders with tape measures, juggling pens and papers, trying to imagine what your window and room will look like with this colour or that curtain length. With the Stitched app it takes just four simple steps to measure, choose and order your new curtains and blinds.

    1. While in the app, follow the step by step guide using your smartphone or tablet to take measurements.
    1. Choose your fabrics and order samples to be delivered within a matter of days.
    1. Customise your curtains with lining, curtain poles and more. You are in the driving seat but if you have any questions you can speak directly to one of our consultants through direct messaging on the app.
    1. Complete your order and look forward to your delivery of your beautiful custom made curtains. Download the Stitched app.