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Teenage Kicks and Decorating Tips

We all need our own space to call home and retreat to and teenagers are no different, needing this space to work for them on multiple levels as well as giving them a taste of independence and freedom. Anyone who has a teenager knows they spend more time that most in their bedrooms. Therefore it’s best to make sure your teenager has a space to call their own which suits their needs and reflects their personality. We would say this could be the key to happy family living and a win-win for everyone!

There is a distinct difference between a teen room and a children’s bedroom. Although still fun and unique, the bedroom becomes ‘their space’ with a shift away from the sweet prints and playful designs so popular in nurseries, towards more grown-up, independent design. What teenagers want more than anything is to be ‘grown-up’ or at least treated as one, therefore when thinking about decorating for a teenager, base the inspiration on master bedroom design. A grown-up space that suits their needs, establishes their independence but with an element of fun! We’ve all made that first decorating faux-pas (remember the bold colours of the 80s) so maybe advise against sleeping in a lime green bedroom! Here are our top tips for decorating teen bedrooms to keep the entire family happy… for a time at least!

Showcasing Interior Style

Everyone needs to express themselves and our homes offer us the perfect opportunity to do that. For a teenager their bedroom is the perfect chance to input their personal style into a space with a connection and identity of their own. Involve your teenager in the design process, look at pinterest together, ask them to save their own boards, think about what colours would work well in that space and what colours make your child feel happy and rested. What are their hobbies and interests? Is there a way of subtly incorporating that into the room so it really speaks to their passions? If you collaborate together on the space then you’ll end up creating a space your teen loves and feels happy in, but is also cohesive with the rest of your home decor.

Add a Statement Piece

Adding a statement piece will add an element of cool and anchor the scheme. Think hanging chairs like a bubble or rattan, oversized or quirky shaped headboards, fun wallpaper or colourful curtains and finishes. Bespoke curtains are a great way of injecting colour into a space and we have a great range of fabrics to choose from that should please even the fussiest of teens!

red bedroom curtains elephant lamp

Meeting Needs

A teenage bedroom has to work on multiple levels; a space to relax, socialise, study and create. When designing the room think about what your teenager needs from the space. Do they have a hobby or passion like music or gaming? Once you have identified what is key, think about this when selecting furniture and finishes. For example full length curtains help soften the vibrations and bass from any music, whereas a day-bed can double up as a reading zone and social space for friends to stay over. Ensure there is a comfortable space to study, a desk, lamp, chair and storage will make it harder to have an excuse for late homework!

Lighting Hacks

Lighting is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to create atmosphere and update the interior. Never underestimate the power a string of fairy lights has when creating a soft, magical ambiance. What about a quirky lamp or dressing table ‘hollywood’ lights for instagrammable selfies?

Environmental Conscience

Teenagers are becoming increasingly aware of the planet’s environmental struggles thanks to new kid on the block Greta Thunberg and the classically cool Sir David Attenborough. With a huge push towards sustainability and recycling, thinking about the environment is now cool! This is something we are hugely passionate about, where possible our fabrics are sourced locally reducing our carbon footprint. We partner with true environmental innovators (one of our mills sends nothing to landfill!) and our fabric options all offer a range of eco-credentials; salvaged, recyclable materials, rapidly renewable sources, low toxins and low waste - - - which should allow any teen to sleep well at night!

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