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The Countdown is on…Visitors are Coming Home!

Soon, we will be allowed to have people in our homes again. For most of us this is a happy time, a time to rejoice and be merry. For those of us with nit-picky mothers/friends/siblings this is a time of panic. Remember way back a year ago when we were full of lockdown plans and challenges, we all banded together, baked our banana breads and Joe Wicks’ed like the best of the them… We regaled our friends and family with all the wonderful improvements we were going to do around the house, now that we had all this time at home. Licks of paint, updated fireplaces, a complete re-organisation of all the wardrobes, shelves and cupboards… mmm yeah, no. we didn’t do any of that either. BUT we have gotten very good at avoiding zoom quizzes and have completely stopped buying bananas. Swings and roundabouts!

Never fear, Stitched is here! There’s still time to save yourself from all those “oh, you didn’t go for that paint after all” comments. Prepare yourself for a deluge of compliments - we have 5 quick and easy tips to transform your home within the next few weeks.

Re-dress your windows

With the chance to get your made to measure curtains milled, made and mailed within 4-6 weeks, there is still time to wow your friends and family with a stunning new look. On your windows. Click here to get started with your measurements.

Freshen up your walls

Fresh new walls will make you and your guests feel like you’re in a brand new space. Choose from paint, wallpaper or even just hanging all those photos you’ve had framed. No, we haven’t done that either. But now’s the time, go! go! go!

Give your sofa a facelift

Did you know that many of our fabrics can be used to upholster furniture? An updated sofa, armchairs or dining chairs will breathe a breath of fresh air through your home - for something different, have a look at our gorgeous new striped collections: Ian Mankin Ticking 01 and Ian Mankin Angus Stripe. Order your free samples here

Shake it Up

Bored of looking at the same walls? Use those new found muscles courtesy of Joe Wicks to swap your furniture around. This is a sure fire way to give your space a different perspective. Add some new plants (how do they still die, even when we’re at home?!) to add more colour to the space.

Attack the clutter

With every aspect of our lives now being home based, we’ve all accumulated more items than we usually would. Home office/sitting room/gym can be a stressful place so we suggest re-organising in order of priority, making space for your nearest and dearest again. Worst case scenario, you can make a fun obstacle course with all your new gym equipment! Here are more tips on how to de-clutter and organise your home.

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