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Think Outside The Box

It’s proven that being surrounded by nature improves our health and wellbeing however in our busy modern lives, getting out as much as we should, can prove to be less frequent than we’d hope. There are so many styles of window boxes but the idea is the same; you can bring nature closer to home whether you are in a skyscraper or country cottage. And when paired with beautiful handmade curtains and blinds, your windows will be the envy of your neighbours.

Go traditional. If the architecture allows, a traditional window box is a great way to start your new journey. Some window boxes are made out of wood and can be painted in woodwork paint for the outdoors. The great thing about painted boxes is if you get sick of the colour or if the box gets dirty over the years, a quick lick of paint will do the trick.

Irrigate. Newer buildings or recently renovated buildings with a more contemporary style can suit a sleeker box to suit the more modern window style. No matter which style of window box, don’t forget to irrigate. The surplus water must drain somewhere, whether that’s from the bottom or via pipe leading to a drain.

Brace and bracket. Ways to mount the window boxes vary and a classical way to secure the window boxes is by using outdoor wall brackets which secure the boxes from the bottom. These also give a little more whimsy or added detail to a facade.

Use the ledge. If you have the window ledge space, a rectangular planter perched on the window ledge is a wonderfully simple solution.

Use pots. Lovely plant pots sat in rustic grated metal boxes or recessed in perfectly cut holes allow you to have the best of both worlds.

Curb appeal. If you’re on the ground floor and your windows look right onto a curb or path, why not try placing larger planters along the side of your building below the windows. It creates a front lawn feel and acts as an additional screen between pedestrians and your window. You can also add trellises to guide the creepers upwards to bring greenery in front of the window.

Box it up. Placing the planters on legs creates a more prominent feature… a bit like outdoor furniture. Rental properties could benefit from this option as the tenants can take the whole box with them when they leave.

Seasonal sensations. Don’t forget to change your box up seasonally! Window boxes are genius in displaying seasonal flowers or plants to keep up with the times. Ornaments, lights and wreaths contribute to the festive spirit.

Be original. Although beautiful blooming flowers look wonderful, some might prefer more unexpected plants. Grasses and meadow flowers give an edgy yet relaxed feel.

Bring your window box indoors. If you can’t have them outside, what’s to say you can’t have window boxes inside your house? Having planters that fit in a flush window recess contributes to a contemporary feel. You can have a roller or roman custom made blinds to sit in front or behind the planter depending on your window.

plant pots positioned near a window living room house plant

Raise the bar. Floor to ceiling windows leave very little room for window boxes so why not treat your interior planter as a piece of furniture. By putting the planter on casters, you can move them out the way when necessary. This is especially useful when having custom made curtains as you can move the planter forward when the curtains are drawn and push them back when the curtains are open to maximise on space.

Let it all hang out. If you are lacking in floor space or don’t have a window cill, hanging small pots off a repurposed curtain rod or from the ceiling adds interest and variety.

Pot it. Placing plants in rounded pots on stands at different heights and sizes near a window can give a similar effect to a window box. It’s beneficial to have the plants positioned by the window as most plants need the natural sunlight however, the ability to move the pots around is an added bonus.

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