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Living room with red silk curtains

Get the look: Timeless, classical chic

Interiors with a beautiful classical twist are enduringly popular. It’s easy to understand why: they remind us of a decadent and elegant past. They are ambitious and aspirational - the chic older sister of all interior design styles.

Light living room with light neutral curtains and purple sofa

Decadence is key

Opulent curtains and refined details are the perfect places to start to inject classical elegance into your home. Flowing silk curtains (add a fringed curtain tieback in a complimenting shade) gives a sort of Parisian chic to any interior.

Check out our Silk range and Upcycled Silk range for some serious inspiration. Classically inspired furniture is your go-to. Check out antiques and look for furniture with intricate features, like detailed carvings, curving legs and buttoning on sofas or chairs. The great news is creating this decadent look doesn’t have to be over-the-top; a few pretty pieces like candles or decorative dishes crafted from timeless materials, like mother of pearl or touches of marble, adds a sense of opulent glamour the easy way.

Living room with blue and yellow colour scheme mellow yellow curtains

Layer texture and complimenting colours

When it comes to this interior style, don’t be coy with texture, dive right in. Get heavy with the textures by introducing faux furs, soft wools, lustrous silks, trims, piping, and classical, floral, french-style patterns, to name but a few.

Harmony and elegance is important to this look, and is easily achieved by using a classic colour palette of complimenting shades. We love layering soft beiges, whites, and faded greens. Add touches of gold detailing to take the look one step further.

Close up of green woollen curtains and pooling

Comfort is king

A space is most opulent when it is comfortable. A sofa or chair should be fit for lounging, so think deep seating, or alternatively, get some well-padded, large cushions involved and feel the benefits. Add a pouf or footstool and some strategically placed lamps, to add a soft veil of light and make your space even more comfortable.

Fluffy carpet or rugs create softness underfoot and add a touch of luxury. If you’re completely revamping you interiors with this gorgeous style, a well balanced room will consider elements key to comfort, like spaciousness, heat, natural light, soft textures and deep padding on furniture. As they always say, time is a luxury, but so is comfort!

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