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The Ultimate Guide to Blinds for Doors

Patio, French, Conservatory, Bi-Fold… whatever type of door you need blinds for, we have it covered, literally! We know there’s a lot to consider so we’ve created the Ultimate Guide to Blinds for Doors to help you make those all important decisions. Whichever blinds you choose, remember that safety is key. Ensure you install safety clips to keep blind chains secure and out of reach of small children and animals. Take a look at our guide to keeping your blinds safe for more information.

Things to consider when choosing your blinds for doors:


Are you Dracula or Tinkerbell?! Whether you prefer pitch black or light and bright, we have a stunning range of fabrics to suit you. From transparent roller blinds for privacy to blackout roman blinds for total darkness on an evening, the choice is entirely up to you. Download our app to get an idea of how your chosen fabric will look.


Depending on the time of year, keeping heat in or out is a huge factor when choosing blinds for doors. Opt for a snug fit and consider thermal lining to trap heat, keeping energy bills down in winter and comfort at a maximum. Tightly woven fabrics like our Wool are naturally thermal so you may not even need lining - - - perfect for cosy nights in.


If your doors are overlooked by neighbours at the back, or facing the main street, blinds that will give added privacy are super important. Semi transparent blinds like our Oceana let light stream through the window at the same time as giving optimum privacy. In addition to being good for your home, this collection is also good for the planet, made from 100% recycled plastic collected from the Mediterranean Sea.


The made to measure blinds you choose for a conservatory are often quite different to those you’d choose for French doors in a bedroom. While conservatory doors will look great with a sheer roman or roller blind, the same blind would not work in a bedroom. In the same way, blackout blinds in a conservatory would be overpowering and take away the open, airy feel of such a space.


Roman, roller, blackout or privacy? Once you have decided on the rest of the elements, it’s time to choose which style will look best on your doors. Keep in mind the style and material of the door, frame and surrounding windows. For example sleek aluminium bi-fold doors will usually look better with a slim fitting roller blind while a chunkier French door will be stunning with a luxurious silk roman blind. Don’t be afraid to mix and match curtains with your blinds. Perhaps you choose a blackout blind for your door, you can always add curtains to cover the adjacent, stationary windows.

Are blinds cheaper than curtains?

Made to measure curtains are generally more expensive than blinds due to the amount of fabric required, but the design options available can be worth the extra money. You can personalise your curtains with the heading, pooling and lining choices. Your choice of curtains or blinds depends on the size of your room and window, as well as any design elements you want in your home. We often recommend blinds for doors as they won’t get in the way of opening and closing as they can stack neatly away at the top. But at the end of the day, the choice is yours and you can create a space unique to you!

green roman blind transparent roller blinds living room

Need some advice?

If you’re still not sure on the best option for your doors, our team is on hand to help with any queries or advice. Contact us to get your project up and running or book a video call so we can see the doors you’re wanting to dress and advise on the best option for you.