The Ultimate Guide To Roller Blinds

There’s no trick here, roller blinds do exactly as they say. Made with a single piece of fabric that rolls around a tube and with the help of a cord they roll up to let light in. Roller blinds are a popular choice in lots of homes for their simplicity. They are ideal for smaller spaces as they can neatly fit in the recess of your window, giving you lots of privacy when down but also maximising natural light when up. Our roller blinds are all made to measure, so fit any window - big or small! Roller blinds are often used with a curtain or a roman blind to enhance privacy and blackout.

We love roller blinds and here’s why…

transparent white living room roller blind transparent white living room roller blind

They are space saving

If you have a smaller room then roller blinds are a good choice, as the design means they fit simply into your window whether rolled up or down.

They look pretty

There’s no need to think of your roller blind as the simple choice - our roller blinds are made to measure and come in 28 colours from Denim Blue to Blossom Pink. There’s a roller blind colour to suit any home. We also have our feel-good Oceana fabrics made from recycled plastic, so feeling good and looking good couldn’t be easier.

The perfect fit

If you have windows of all shapes and sizes our roller blinds are made to measure like all our curtains and blinds. They are ideal for every room in your home. We have 12 made to measure roller blind fabrics that are blackout which is perfect for bedrooms to help you get a better night’s sleep. Make sure your measurements are accurate to ensure total darkness and a perfect snooze. Check out our handy measuring guide here.

grey bedroom roller blinds
blue living room roller blinds

Roller blinds can fit inside and outside your window recess - outside means you can minimise the light creeping in around the edge of your roller blind. All our blinds come with up-to-date safety devices for children’s bedrooms, for that peace of mind.

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