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How to Bring Vegan Interiors into Your Home

As we become more and more aware of the effects our consumption has on the planet, the move towards using more responsible products also increases. This is across the board but most noticeably in food, clothing and (thanks in part to Meghan Markle) interiors. Famously painting her son Archie’s bedroom with vegan paint a few years ago, Meghan threw the spotlight firmly on animal-free options.

What are vegan interiors?

Vegan interior products are so much more than just not using wool or leather products. Many seemingly harmless decorating items, surprisingly enough, use various animal products in their manufacturing.

We’ve listed just a few…

  • Paint can contain milk (casein)
  • Shellac comes from the lac beetle and beeswax, among other things
  • Glue used in laminated furniture is also made from animal by-products

Shook? Us too!

Of course, there are the more obvious culprits too, duvets and pillows, rugs, furniture stuffing that are made of various animal hides and poultry down.

Why are vegan interiors becoming more popular?

As with anything, supply and demand is key in the upturn in popularity of animal free choices. It’s true that many people are making more considered decisions when it comes to what they are surrounding themselves with, whether that’s a new outfit or a new sideboard. Sustainable, long-lasting items that are also ethically sourced are key factors in many people’s choices these days. With this growing interest, vegan friendly brands are also expanding, offering much more choice. Which is great news as a consumer, as more and more stylish brands are making the switch and joining the vegan party.

How to incorporate veganism into your home decor…

We’re certainly not suggesting that everyone throw out all their laminated and leather furniture and repaint all the walls! We always recommend taking things slow when making changes to your home. Perhaps next time you are doing a room upgrade, you will choose a vegan friendly wallpaper adhesive or paint. If it’s time for new made to measure curtains, blinds or upholstery, go for an animal free option. At Stitched, we have a wide range of vegan fabrics available that are as kind on the eye as they are to animals. Check out our full range of vegan fabrics.

vegan neutral bedroom curtains Ian Mankin striped vegan living room curtains
vegan cotton fabric vegan cotton bedroom curtains

What Stitched fabrics are vegan?

We offer 7 different vegan fabric collections. Choose from Revive, Classic Cotton, Cotton Weave, Roller Blinds, Sheer, Upcycled Cotton and Velvet. Don’t forget that we also offer a free sample service and can send up to 8 fabrics to help you make your decision. Simply choose your fabrics and we will send them within a couple of days. You’ll be one step closer to brand new vegan made to measure curtains and vegan made to measure blinds.