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What to expect from your curtains?

When purchasing curtains, it’s important to know what to expect in terms of the number of seams and the concept of fullness or too much fabric.

How many seams?

The number of seams on a curtain panel refers to how many pieces of fabric have been sewn together to make the panel. Most curtains will have one or two seams, although some custom or luxury curtains may have more. A single seam curtain panel is sewn from one piece of fabric, while a double seam curtain panel is sewn from two pieces of fabric. Double seam curtains can provide a more full and gathered look, while single seam curtains have a cleaner and simpler look.

The concept of fullness

The concept of fullness refers to how much fabric is used to make a curtain panel. A full curtain will have more fabric and will gather or drape more when opened, while a less full curtain will have less fabric and will have a flatter appearance when opened. The general rule of thumb is to use two to two and a half times the width of the window when measuring for fullness. For example, if your window is 36 inches wide, you should expect in the region of 72 to 90 inches of fabric for the two panels.

Adjusting fullness

Too much fabric can lead to a cluttered and heavy look, while too little fabric can make the curtains appear skimpy. You can adjust the fullness of your curtains by adjusting the size of the curtains or how much of the fabric is gathered.

Will my curtains have seams or joins?

The possible width of a fabric comes from the width of the roll. If your windows are wider than the fabric width then it is necessary to have a vertical join to cover the entire window. The way curtains have pleats and hang means seams are usually less noticeable and hidden in folds of the fabric. In most cases, curtains are a better option for wider windows.

Why choose Stitched?

It’s also important to consider the type of fabric, style, and design of the curtains, as these factors will also affect the overall look and feel of the curtains. Buying made-to-measure from Stitched means you can choose every aspect and design your curtains to your liking. We will also automatically calculate the correct fulness and seams necessary for your curtains. You can find out more about Stitched here.

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