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Why curtains will never be out of style

We all know the saying ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’, well windows are literally the eyes to your home, and dressing them correctly is as important now as ever. Historically, before we could even comprehend fabric, people used animal hides for warmth and privacy, helping to stop drafts and asserting boundaries in living spaces. Over the centuries as our ability to produce textiles has significantly advanced our choice of fabrics, and the greatest hit for fabric in the home is most definitely curtains! By the mid 1800s, when mass production was possible fabrics were more readily available and the aesthetics of the fabric became as important as the practical benefits. No longer just practical curtains demonstrated social standing; the richer, more complex the curtains or fabrics, the richer the household! As recently as the mid 1900s contrast lining or double curtains were a way of impressing the neighbours - - - projecting to the neighbourhood an image of yourself. Fast forward to now and although the way we live has changed dramatically since we first used animal hides, curtains are just as personal and transformative, making them as relevant today as ever before. Here are just a few reasons why curtains will always be in style!


Just like ‘that handbag’ or ‘those shoes’ in fashion, curtains too have ‘that pattern’ or ‘the colour’. Throughout history curtains have had many evolutions; the abstract prints or florals of the 50s, the vivid colours and patterns of the 70s or the stripes and tartans of the 80s, each one signifying a new thinking and feel for our interiors. Curtains are an easy way of instantly linking a space to a fashion or genre, and as such the right curtains are completely transformative. With a range of headings curtains can be customised to get a desired look and feel for the space, whether that is wave for a simple, modern feel or a smart pencil pleat for a luxurious, tailored look. Your choice of curtains helps to signify who you are or would like to be perceived to be. Be bold with colour, conscientious with eco fabric or keep it simple with beautiful neutrals. We have a brilliant range of fabrics to ensure made to measure curtains are as relevant and personal as your choice of wardrobe.

Light and temperature control

Not only do curtains dress the room and look fantastic they help to regulate heat and light in the space. Thicker curtains, lined and interlined, help to keep the cold out and drafts at bay during the colder months, whereas voiles help to shield sunlight and cool rooms during the summer. Linen curtains are fantastic for use all year, keeping the space cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We have a fantastic range of fabrics, with soft wools, rich velvets and cool voiles. In older properties where drafts are a problem, we offer a thermal lining to help keep things snug. And of course how better to get a great night’s sleep than with bespoke blackout lined curtains.

white neutral bedroom curtains dark beige living room curtains


Just as important as heat and light control and one of the main reasons people install curtains and window dressings, is privacy. Giving sweet respite from the world outside and offering a place of shelter, drawing curtains allows us to create a sanctuary of our own and place for work, rest or play. In built up areas with little to no separation curtains offer distinct personal spaces and allow us to live and harmoniously. Another reason why curtains will never go out of style - - - we will always want and need privacy!

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