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Five Reasons to Invest in Quality Curtains + Blinds

At Stitched we recognise how a well-made blind or pair of curtains or blinds can transform a space, but we also know that they can do a lot more besides. Here are five reasons to invest in quality made window apparel and how perfect curtains and blinds can improve your home.

sheer roller blind with silk curtains

01. Privacy at all times

Most of us want to be able to close our curtains or blinds at night but if you want to ensure you’re not overlooked during the day but still keep natural light coming in, a blind in one of our sheer fabrics is the answer. Beautiful to look at, you’ll be able to see out even if nobody can look in and the harsh sunlight is filtered at the same time. Your furniture, pets and privacy will be protected! It goes without saying, but investing in quality made to measure sheer blinds means they will last longer and will fit your window perfectly.

roller blinds on french doors

02. They can perfectly frame a view

The right blinds or curtains will enhance what you see through the window. Equally, they can perform the useful job of distracting from a less attractive view. The fabric and style you choose will lead your eyes to focus either on the view outside or on the curtains or blinds themselves. So you need a well made pair of curtains or blinds for this - - - you don’t want guests looking at ill-fitting window apparel!

nursery blackout blinds

03. They can help you sleep

Does your bedroom get the morning sun? A bedroom that is East facing may be a little too bright in the morning (particularly in the summer). This is where our blackout lining and interlining comes into its own. Often considered essential in a child’s bedroom, curtains or blinds with some form of blackout will ensure you (and your alarm clock) have all the control over when you wake up. Choosing made to measure means your curtains or blinds will fit perfectly and ensure no light creeps in around the edges to disturb your sleep.

pristine bedroom with white walls and dark blue curtains

04. Quality curtains and blinds can be part of your decor

It’s likely that you’ll want the colours of adjacent rooms to work with each other rather than clash. By doing this, you’ll create a sense of flow and make your home feel larger and more coherent. To achieve this you may wish to choose different tones of the same colour. By choosing Stitched curtains or blinds, you have such a wide of choice of fabric and colours that you’re bound to find the perfect shade to match your home.

If you paint the hall in one colour and the rooms leading off it in a lighter tone of the same colour, those rooms will feel lighter and brighter. Adjacent rooms painted in colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel also work really well. A designer’s trick to creating an effective sense of flow is to decide on a palette of colours and then weave them in varying degrees throughout a home. So for example, you may wish to choose a pair of curtains for the living room in a colour that echoes a rug in the hall.

thermal lined door curtain

05. They can help insulate your home

Well made curtains and blinds will not only perfectly fit your windows to help exclude draughts, but you can also choose your lining type. Choosing a thermal or interlined lining for your window apparel will help insulate your home in the colder months and can even help to reduce your gas and electricity bills. On top of this, made to measure curtains mean you can measure up and install them anywhere in your home, so why not block a draughty door with a thermal lined curtain too!

Ready to invest in beautiful curtains and blinds?

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