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various coloured fabric rolls

Why choose Stitched fabrics?

Have you ever stood in the supermarket and stared blankly at the hundreds of types of pasta, trying to decide which to go for and felt a bit lost? But then you go to a smaller, more convenient shop where there is a smaller selection to choose from and suddenly, it’s much easier. Stitched works in the same way as the corner shop. We still have over 300 eco-conscious fabrics for you to choose from, but compared to other leading curtain and blind brands, that’s just a drop in the ocean. So here’s why we’ve curated a collection of small(ish) but perfectly formed fabrics for your curtains and blinds.

sustainable wool curtains

Carefully selected fabrics

We’ve hand selected our collection of fabrics for their eco-credentials, unique story and where they are milled. Where possible, we try to source fabrics that are grown or milled here in the UK to help reduce our carbon footprint. We’re not fans of polyester (which is what most high street ready-made curtains are made of FYI!) so our fabrics are recycled, natural and sustainable so you can feel good about purchasing a new product that isn’t harmful to our planet.

green striped kitchen blind

Colour and pattern

We love a neutral interior, but we believe curtains and blinds should reflect your personality and style. So we offer a huge range of colours to suit any home. We also offer a few subtle pattern ranges and are big fans of stripes. You won’t find any 70’s-esque patterns here though. We want your curtains to stand the test of time and grow with you and your style, and with bold patterns like this, it’s easy to fall out of love with them. So our patterned fabrics are subtle and timeless.

recycled fabric

Stitched use interesting fabrics, like Hemp!

And why not! We’ve chosen a range of natural or recycled fabrics that you won’t necessarily find anywhere else. We love our Hemp range - - - not only is it a home grown fabric (in Leicestershire!) but it is also wonderfully sustainable! Upcycled Silk is also an interesting one. It’s a mix of wool, flax and recycled silk - - - a totally new blend of natural fibres. Texture is key for interiors so we want you to have the best of the best!

Ready to join the Stitched movement?

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