Why choose Stitched fabrics?

Have you ever stood in the supermarket, stared blankly at the hundreds of types of pasta, trying to decide which type to go for and felt a bit lost? But then you go to a smaller, more convenient shop, where there is a smaller selection to choose from and suddenly, it’s much easier.

various coloured fabric rolls various coloured fabric rolls
Close up of Grey sofa and Green woollen curtains

Carefully selected fabrics

We like to think that this is what we’ve done with our fabrics. We’ve carefully chosen a selection of beautiful fabrics in an array of colours and whittled the choice down to just over 200. So choosing your perfect curtain or blind has got that little bit easier.

Blue and grey recycled polyester fabrics

A huge array of colour - but no patterns?

Yes - no patterns. We’ve curated a selection of plain fabrics, as although we love a bold pattern, these can soon feel dated (think of any 1970’s wallpaper) whereas a single block of colour is timeless.

Close up of red yellow and silver fabrics

Stitched use interesting fabrics, like Hemp!

And why not! We’ve chosen a range of natural or recycled fabrics that you won’t necessarily find anywhere else. We love our Hemp range, not only is it a home grown fabric (the hemp is grown in Leicestershire) but it is also wonderfully sustainable! Upcycled Silk is also an interesting one. It’s a mix of wool, flax and recycled silk - a totally new blend of natural fibres.

So why choose Stitched fabrics? Well… why not!?