Measuring for Blinds (Bay Windows)

Measuring for bay window blinds is simple. Follow the relevant guide for you below to get your perfect fit.

You will need:

  • a metal tape measure
  • a pen or pencil
  • a piece of paper
measuring windows measuring windows

Measuring the Width

STEP 01.

Take 2 pieces of card with a straight edge (you can use the information cards in your sample pack). Mark a line with a pencil parallel to the long edge: 5cm for ROMAN BLINDS or 7cm for ROLLER BLINDS

STEP 02.

Hold the cards in one hand against the wall at the height you will install the blinds so that the lines you’ve drawn touch. Mark where the front edges of the card touch the wall

STEP 03.

Measure the side windows from the outer edge of the window frame to the mark you made, and the centre window between the two marks. Measure the height and installation height as same for roman + rollers in outside recess

Measuring the Height


For each window measure the height from where you would like to install your blind to the window sill (or bottom of the recess). We recommend installing your blind up to 30cm above the window frame.


For each window measure the height at which you will install the blind to the floor. This is so we can make sure your pull chain is the correct height.

Enter your measurements for each blind into our online studio, customise them and get a quick quote