Doing Things Better

We believe that our business can be used to have a positive impact on the environment, our supply chain, our employees and (of course) our customers, and at the same time make a profit. To help us continue to improve we’re working with B Corp to set and meet standards of verified social and environmental performance that make us a better business for all.

Linen cotton blend fabric

Materials that matter

We’ve scoured the world in search of a new breed of earth friendly fabrics that will look great in your home without taking their toll on the world around us. Our fabrics are made from natural, sustainable and recycled materials in eco focused mills with happy workforces.

British manufacturing

Manufacturing heritage

We believe that local demand should be fulfilled by local suppliers. That’s why all of our curtains + blinds are made in UK workshops by master makers who have perfected their craft over 100 years. Using UK workshops cuts our carbon footprint, gives us control over product quality and ensures that everyone in our supply chain is treated fairly.

Grey curtains

Smart tech and friendly humans

Designing your home should be fun and easy. So we built some really useful design tools to help with the tricky bits of designing the perfect products for your home, leaving you to get on with the fun stuff. And because designing your home is a personal process, we’ve put together a team of real people to help answer the questions the computers can’t.

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