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How to Install Roman Blinds

Both models of our made to measure roman blinds can be screwed into your wall or onto your ceiling - - - the choice is yours. Either way, we’ve made installing roman blinds easy. Follow our simple steps below and you’ll have your new window apparel up in no time! Get in touch if you’re unsure which model of roman blind you have.

  1. Stitched blind brackets can be used for both wall and ceiling mounting. The brackets should be positioned approximately 50mm in from the end of the headrail and evenly spread across the width of the blind.
  2. Place the brackets in the desired position and mark the surface through the screw holes. Carefully drill your holes and insert some rawl plugs.
  • Brick walls: Use a 5.5mm masonry drill bit, and insert rawl plugs
  • Plasterboard walls: Use an ordinary 5.5mm drill bit and insert rawl plugs
  • Wood frames: Use an ordinary 2mm drill bit to create a pilot hole
  1. Fix the brackets in place with the appropriate screws for the type of surface. Choosing to screw the brackets to the wall or the ceiling will affect the type of screws required.
  2. Use a spirit level to check and adjust the position of the brackets before fully tightening the screws.
  3. Hold the headrail up to the brackets, tilt forward and insert onto the brackets then tilt back until level.
  4. Once firmly in position press the lever until the headrail is locked in place.

Motorised Roman Blinds

Somfy 25 RTS


1 x battery pack

1 x battery pack charger

1 x remote control

1 x battery pack mount

2 x blind brackets

1 x remote control mount

  1. Follow the guide for installing our standard roman blinds above.
  2. Plug battery pack into battery pack charger - leave this charging until green (should arrive partially charged).
  3. When charged, connect the battery pack to the blind headrail with the attached cable.

PLEASE NOTE: The battery pack should need re-charging around once a year.