Handmade Poles and Tracks

We have a range of simple, stylish poles and tracks that are handmade by master metal workers and wood turners in Devon. Take a look at our full collection below…

Our Poles

Stitched poles are subtle and elegant. Our custom metal poles are available in three powder-coated finishes (Gunmetal, Chrome and Bronze) and our custom wooden poles are available in five hand stained finishes (Matt Black, White, Antique Pine, Natural Mahogany, Ivory Woodwash). Get in touch with our friendly customer team to find out more about our poles.



Available in sizes up to 4.8m


Available in sizes up to 4.8m.


Available in sizes up to 4.8m.

Our Tracks

Stitched tracks are simple and stylish. Available in all lengths, our tracks are made from aluminium with smooth running gliders in three powder-coated finishes (White, Ash and Slate). Get in touch with our friendly customer team to find out more about our tracks.

Stitched tracks
Stitched tracks

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See our full collection of poles and tracks on our fun 3D tool, view poles + tracks on the "features" tab.

Pole + Track FAQs

Which diameter of curtain pole should I choose?

For eyelets, you will need to choose a 19mm or 32mm metal pole (eyelet curtains can’t be hung on bay poles or tracks).

Windows under 300cm in width or height can usually be dressed with any pole/track, for all other curtain heading options, and with a cotton lining or if unlined.

Above this size, or if blackout lining, interlining or thermal lining are being used, we would recommend getting in touch with the Stitched team to discuss which pole or track will work best for your curtains.

How do I join longer curtain poles which are supplied in two lengths?

All of our poles and tracks that come in 2 pieces are supplied with a joiner that can be inserted into the middle of the pole or track (we provide easy instructions on how to do this).

Do I cut your curtain poles/tracks at home?

Yes - all of our curtain poles/tracks are designed to be cut at home. Metal poles can be cut with a hacksaw and wooden curtain poles can be cut with a fine tooth wood saw.

Can I buy curtain poles that fix the ceiling?

Yes, if you need to fix your pole to the ceiling, you’ll need different brackets. If you’re unsure, send us a photo of your windows and we can tell you if you might need ceiling fix brackets - contact us here

Can I buy tracks that fix the ceiling?

Yes, just send us a message when you’ve bought your track and we can make sure that we pre-drill holes into the track so that you can ceiling fix it

How do I attach my curtains to the curtain pole?

Curtains are best attached to the curtain pole so that the top off the curtain is level with the bottom of the rings.

All of our curtains come with a super simple guide on how to hook and hang your curtains.

What factors should I consider when choosing curtain pole colour and finial design?

This is where you have the chance to add your individual style to a room. Choose metal curtain pole colours that are similar to other metal features in the room or choose decorative metal or wood colours to compliment the colours in the curtains.

Choose modern simple designs if you want the window treatment to blend into the room. Choose more unusual or sumptuous designs if you want to make a real statement.

Always bear in mind that wooden curtain poles are made from a natural product and, even when a wood stain has been applied, the colour and grain may vary.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Our Terms & Conditions may be viewed via the following link: Terms & Conditions These can change at any time, so please check between purchases, if unsure.