12 Colours available


Per metre

Small curtains (117 x 140)

Medium curtains (170 x 230)

About the fabric

Milled / woven in



the stylist

A super smooth fabric that’s soft and sumptuous to the touch and available in a range of classic neutrals, jewel tones and contemporary blush colours. Popular for hundreds of years, velvet is always dramatic, always impressive and always in fashion. Guaranteed to make a statement wherever it’s used in your home.

velvet curtains
velvet blind close up

Jenny chose Velvet

See how Jenny used Velvet in Moonstone to add to her sophisticated and contemporary home.


Additional Info

Please note unless otherwise stated curtains and blinds are made with the velvet ‘pile up’. This means if you brush your hand upwards, the pile will feel smooth but if you brush your hand down, it feels harsher and the pile is disturbed. Stitched make velvet curtains and blinds this way as it gives the fabric a more luxe look and the colour a richer and deeper appearance. It also has the added bonus that if there are any pile disturbances, these will disappear more quickly as the pile relaxes.