All You Need To Know About Curtain Lining

Stitched offer 5 different curtain linings. The world of lining can be a confusing one, so we have put together the Stitched definitive guide to linings, to help you make the right decision for your curtain!

Close up of White linen curtains Close up of White linen curtains


An unlined curtain does just what it says on the tin… it is a simple and affordable option as your curtain is made using your selected fabric only… this option lets the fabric sing on its own. Unlined curtains work well with a fabric like Wool, as it is a thicker, heavier fabric that hangs beautifully on its own. If you decide to have unlined curtains in your bedroom, our design team would recommend also having some privacy blackout blinds, as although they will look pretty, they won’t be as effective at keeping the nightlight out!


A simple ivory cotton lining is stitched to the back of your selected fabric. The lined finish gives almost a tailored look, making sure that your curtain stays looking smart. A simple, yet stylish option, it is also the most affordable lining type.

Blackout Lined

An ivory blackout, blended lining is stitched to the back of your selected fabric before your curtain is made. The blackout lining is perfect for bedrooms, as it prevents any night light coming through and disturbing your sleep. It’s important to measure your curtain carefully before ordering, as although the blackout lining will ensure no light will come through the fabric, light will still be able to make it through any little gaps. Take a look at our tips and tricks for a better blackout.


The most luxurious lining, a padded woven fabric and a cotton lining are stitched to the back of your chosen fabric, creating a fuller, more extravagant. It also provides great insulation against cold and draughty windows! Stitched recommend using an interlining with thinner fabrics like Silk, as it will give more volume - but just be careful - interlined curtains can be quite heavy and so you’ll need to make sure that you have a pole or track that will take the weight! It’ll also make the stackback weightier, so make sure you are taking that into account when you are measuring. Saying that, you’ll be thrilled with the traditional look that interlining will give, not to mention the warmth that it’ll bring to a room.

Interlined Blackout

I’m sure you won’t be surprised, Interlined Blackout lining has all the same benefits as Interlined curtains, except, you guessed it… it’s blackout. Perfect for a more traditional bedroom!

Thermal lined

Ideal for older properties which may feel draughty, thermal lining will help keep the heat in and cold out. We stitch a lining with a thermal backed coating to the back of your chosen fabric.

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