Roman Blinds: All Things Lining

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Close up of cream coloured roman blinds


(just one layer of your chosen fabric)

A wonderfully simple and affordable option, at Stitched, we make your roman blind using your selected fabric only. The unlined finish is great for showing off the natural beauty and form of your fabric. Unlined roman blinds are best suited for a thicker fabric, as without a lining or with the wrong fabric, roman blinds can look thin or flimsy. On the flip side, if designed correctly and with the right fabric, they can produce a sheer look.

Study room with green woollen roman blinds


(with one layer of cotton ivory fabric stitched to the back of the chosen fabric)

We stitch a cotton lining to the back of your selected fabric before making your roman blind. The lined finish gives a nicely tailored look and makes sure that your roman blind will stay looking smart. Blinds will look ‘normal’ like this, although can still be feel quite thin. If you’re after a fuller look, keep reading…!

close up of black out roman blinds

Blackout Lined

(with one layer of fabric added that will not let light through the chosen fabric)

A blackout lining is stitched to the back of your selected fabric before making your roman blind. The blackout lining is perfect for a bedroom, ensuring a good night’s sleep. To join your chosen fabric and the blackout lining together, a needle has to go through both layers, this can create small pinprick holes, meaning a tiny amount of light may come through the holes.

White bay windows with white roman blinds

Bonded Lined

(with one layer of padded lining added that will mean the blind hangs nicely)

A sumptuous, padded lining is stitched onto the back of your selected fabric before making your roman blind. The bonded lining gives a fuller, more luxurious look than the lined finish, but not only that, it provides additional insulation. The lining adds weight to the blind, which means that the blind hangs nicely, and for this added layer, there is near to no price difference in having a lined blind.

White bedroom with bright blue roman blinds

Bonded Blackout

Same as Bonded lining… but you know, blackout!

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