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How to create beach side vibes in your home

We would all love nothing more than to jet off on holiday to an exotic destination, hit the beach, recline on a sun lounger (drink in hand of course!) and watch the waves lap against the shore. Unfortunately we can’t do that all the time, so why not bring the beach side to your home by capturing the relaxed holiday vibe with your interiors. Coastal, beach-side interiors are light, airy and relaxed. Think warm neutrals, airy whites, breezy fabrics, simple finishes and a myriad of textures. This light and airy atmosphere emulates the outside, sunny feeling of beach life! The key is to keep it relaxed - - - nothing should be too perfect. Use rustic paint effects, slubby linen curtains and calming neutral tones and you will have an easy, adaptable style that can be updated and added to over time which allows you to switch off from it all and plan that next adventure.


Create beach side vibes by layering different fabrics and materials in your home, a beautiful pair of slubby linen curtains teamed with a jute or sisal rug, woven baskets, tufted cushions, cotton throws and macram wall hangings will transport you to lazy summer days by the sea. When it comes to selecting window dressings for your space, made to measure curtains will offer you versatility - - - opt for soft linen curtains layered with airy voile curtains to add depth. Or, white linen curtains will give a bright, crisp feel to the space and let in lots of glorious sunlight whilst offering enough protection when required. Beach side living is all about slubby, relaxed beauty and textured, casual layering with lots of different fabrics and textures to give your scheme depth and recreate that relaxed, laid-back holiday atmosphere.

Coastal Colours

To capture laid-back coastal vibes, use colours that evoke memories of the sea and beach - - - calming blues and aquas are tranquil and immediately capture the serenity of a calm sea on a sunny day. Sandy hues, such as warm neutrals and taupe capture the warmth of the sand, and pops of coral or pale orange capture that warm sunset glow. Soft greys and airy whites work wonderfully well when paired with heavy texture and these contrast soft colours. Also, an all white room can have an amazingly calming effect - - - airy, refreshing and invigorating, it has the ability to allow reflection and relaxation as well as opening it up by reflecting natural light into the space.

beach style bedroom curtains grey beach style bedroom

Keep it simple

Part of the reason we all enjoy beach side living is the relaxed atmosphere it creates. Simple lines, streamline design and natural furnishings. Do not over-dress the space, too much clutter or bold colour will be at odds with the relaxed vibe you want to create. Like the beach itself a coastal/holiday look should feel breezy, open and inviting, opt for furniture with simple, clean lines and natural finishes such as distressed wood, driftwood or whitewashed waxing to capture that relaxed, holiday look.