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Flax wave curtains

Colour Stories: Blue

Blue made to measure curtains and blue made to measure blinds are some of our most popular choices and there’s no surprise when there’s so many shades to work with. From cooler, more neutral tones to bright, bold hues - - - blue can be used in every interior. High time then to focus on the colour in the spectrum that divides opinion more than any other and explore the numerous ways it can work successfully in your home.

The Psychology of Blue

Is blue the world’s favourite colour because we’re surrounded by it in the form of sky and sea? Maybe! Or it may be because blue is a psychological primary that is said to promote clarity of thought - and in its lighter tones - calm, serenity and reflection.

The impact of blue depends very much on its intensity. Lighter blues are great for bedrooms as they are mentally soothing and conducive to sleeping and dreaming. In contrast, vibrant tones such as turquoise are energizing and uplifting so perfect for a bathroom you use first thing in the morning. Darker, more saturated blues are mentally stimulating and an aid to concentration; so perfect for a study or home office space.

This connection to clarity and concentration results in blue’s myriad applications outside the home. Many businesses, especially in the financial sector, use blue in their branding to promote a sense of honesty and integrity. It’s also the colour chosen by the technology industry as the colour of communication.

Blue is the colour of many uniforms chosen by companies to instil a sense of corporate responsibility and authority whilst still being approachable. After all, dark blue is friendlier and softer than black. Many schools opt for blue uniforms and depending on the tone, it is thought to be able to help children concentrate, as well as open their minds to discussion and the sharing of ideas.

What’s not to like about blue?

Despite its positive qualities, many people consider blue to be cold, unfriendly and a bit sterile. In the West, it’s associated with sadness and feeling low, hence the term ‘feeling blue’. When we see blue food (and that doesn’t happen very often, does it?) we instinctively think it’s poisonous and unpleasant. Perhaps because of this or perhaps because when we’re lost in thought, we’re not focusing on our stomachs, blue is an appetite suppressant. So, in its vibrant guise, not the best choice of colour for a dining space although the family silver will look fabulous against the backdrop of an intense, deep blue.

The trick then, as with all colours, is to choose the right tone for your home. Maybe a bright blue to complement a white wall, or a darker blue to help promote relaxation in a bedroom.

blue bedroom roman blind blue bedroom curtains navy bedroom curtains

The palest duck-egg, powder and baby blues are soft, gentle and ethereal and work beautifully as an all-over colour in almost any space. Our Blue Flax Curtains and Blue Silk Curtains will conjure up associations with expansive, rain-wash skies and are great teamed with deeper blues, white and other pastel tones.

Mid tone blues vary dramatically depending on the underlying pigments. Our Flax Wave and Blue Upcycled Silk for example, both reminiscent of Pantone’s Classic Blue, look elegantly understated with lighter blues and greeny-greys.

Blue in its darker form has become extremely popular in recent years, and rightly so, providing all the drama and intensity of black but with far greater warmth. Rooms decorated in dark blue cry out to be dressed in glamorous, rich fabrics. Our Blue Velvet Curtains or blinds in our Sapphire Velvet perfectly fit the bill.

Blue Top Picks

From stylish and statement to soft and calm - - - here are our top fabric picks for blue curtains and blinds!