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green living room curtains

Colour Stories: Green

Green is always a good choice for your home. Whether displaying its playful, flirty side as mint green or its grown-up, autumnal sophistication as forest green, myriad versions of the hue are everywhere. Green’s variety and versatility are unrivalled and truly a reflection of nature itself. We can see more types of green than any other colour and there’s a green for every occasion and every space. So here’s a bit of background on the colour and some advice on choosing the right type of green for styling your rooms and green made to measure curtains.

How to Use Green in Your Home

You only need to glance out of the window to realise that green works beautifully as a neutral. Not only does it perfectly harmonise with every other shade in the green spectrum but you’ll find a green to suit every other colour as well. Pink and green as a colour combination has become very popular recently and this pairing can be done in a number of ways. What about using pale pink on woodwork and ceilings rather than off-white in a room with dark green walls? Add curtains in our Blush Cotton Twill or Nile Wool for added warmth and texture. Or, try teaming our dramatic Pink Opal Velvet with complementary tobacco green.

The palest greens are soothing and perfect for creating a peaceful sanctuary. Opt for curtains or blinds in our Mist or Mint Cotton Weave fabric to create the ultimate sense of zen. Great teamed with a mix of textures and shiny, reflective surfaces such as mirror, marble and glass. Introducing pattern into your living room or bedrooms is easy with green as well. Our range of green striped fabrics add a playful touch to interior decor.

Classic greens are soft and fresh. They work particularly well with shades of brown to provide an effective connection with the outdoors. This is especially important in urban spaces to enhance our sense of well-being. Curtains in our Antique Green Upcycled Silk or Meadow Flax will work beautifully in any living or dining room, combined with creams and warm metal finishes.

Dark greens are synonymous with luxury and elegance - think of a British racing green sports car - and have become the moody hue of choice for those of us wishing to embrace the dark side in our homes. Softer than charcoal or midnight blue, dark greens such as our Emerald Velvet have a timeless appeal and work beautifully in rooms where a little drama is required.

Green: The Colour of Relaxation

Green lies in the middle of the visible light spectrum meaning our eyes require little or no adjustment to see it. Consequently it is a very restful colour and indicative of balance and harmony. The flip side of this is that being surrounded by too much green or the wrong tone can lead to stagnation and boredom.

As green veers towards yellow, it becomes full of zest and energy. There’s nothing restful about lime green is there, but a pop of it brings a scheme to life. By contrast, greens that are closer to the blue end of the spectrum are more serene. Many businesses use green to promote relaxation. You may have noticed that in recent years a certain fast food chain has moved away from using primary red and yellow in it outlets, opting for green instead. Not only is this reflective of a bid to assert its healthy eating credentials but it’s a conscious move to encourage diners to linger longer, rather than rush in for a quick bite to eat. Fast Food has become There’s No Rush Food!

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The History of the Colour Green

Lush, verdant and uplifting, green has long been synonymous with positivity, growth and new life. The Egyptian hieroglyph for green is the papyrus stem, a plant held in high regard and many cultures positively associate the colour with the outdoors and spring. In Islamic culture, green is connected with paradise and features in the flags of many Islamic countries.

In the West, green has always been linked with youth, naivety and a certain degree of mischievousness. The expression ‘to be green’ meaning inexperienced was coined in the Middle Ages and the German goddess of love Minne was as famed for her green dress as the cup of love potion she offered to unsuspecting young couples.

Our Top Green Picks

Natural, fresh and vibrant - - - here are some of our favourite green fabrics!