Curtains + Blinds - Inspiration From Around the World

Throughout the ages, we have always looked to other countries and cultures for inspiration, apart from the Ancient Egyptians who seem to be the ones who came with the whole concept of curtains. Back in 3000BC, they hung animal hides across doorways for privacy, to keep out light and to keep in warmth. According to historians, these early curtains gradually developed and they began using fabrics like linen, wool and cotton.

The 18th and 19th century is really when curtains came into their own, particularly in Europe, when luxury and opulence became commonplace in stately homes. Inspired by the French and Italian style of the time, lavish silks and velvets in purples, reds and golds were ornately embellished and hung with pride as bed canopies and drapes in large rooms with oversized windows. Click here for inspo on Curtains as Canopies

By the end of the 19th century, curtains were accessible to the masses. By the Second World War, the need for blackout curtains or blinds meant that curtains + blinds were now a household necessity. Since then, it has become the norm to hang curtains or blinds but we still look to other cultures for inspiration. Read on to discover our favourites.

Middle East

The Middle East has long been an influence in interior design. Bright colours, yellows, oranges, aqua blues are all reminiscent of this ancient civilization. Geometric patterns are also synonymous with this style, which have been hugely popular in interiors in recent years. Draping sheers and valances will add a touch of mystery and intrigue to any interior. We have a wide range of gorgeous colours for you to create your Middle Eastern haven here


The Royal Family of days gone by often looked to Italy and France for interior inspiration, which continues to this day. The romantic style associated with French and Italian design, as well as the craftsmanship, quality and intricate details all draw us to Meditarranean countries for inspiration. The colours used in French and Italian interiors are usually inspired by nature. Soft, warm, natural colours like beige, green and blue are reminiscent of the earth, land and sky in France. Brighter colours like burnt orange and warm yellow are highly influenced by terracotta earth and the sun of Italy. To get inspiration for your custom made Mediterranean style curtains and blinds click here


Minimalist, calm, tranquil… all words associated with traditional Japanese interiors. For interiors influenced by Japan, we look to predominantly neutral colours, interspersed with touches of black and darker colours. Typically, blinds are used on windows and curtains are used as room dividers or screens. For your Japanese inspired blinds and curtains, check out our section on made to measure blinds for a step by step guide

Northern Europe

Since we discovered Hygge, we have been obsessed with all things Nordic. Who could resist a word that means so many lovely things?! There is no English translation for this Danish word, which even in Denmark is more of a mindset than a word. What it means is a state of cosiness, warmth, well-being and happiness. Fluffy blankets, lots of accent lighting, candles, roaring fires and the smell of baking while listening to your favourite podcast are the epitome of Hygge. We have a beautiful range of gorgeous wool fabrics here to get you started on your Hygge journey.

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