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The Stitched design team spent many months curating our 250+ range of fabrics. As interior experts we know that every home is different and how subjective interior styles can be, that’s why we’ve worked hard to create a collection of timeless fabrics that will look great in every type of home from the most modern to the traditional and quirky.

When choosing new fabrics for Stitched we consider everything from the materials they are made of to its end use as a curtain or blind. Our plain and semi-plain fabrics are a play with colour, texture and fibre type to create collections that don’t just look and feel great but are timeless too. We chose fabrics that fit into our 12 colour groups, helping you narrow down your search and easily choose whether neutrals, pops of colour or darks are for you.

Our fabrics

Cotton Weave & Cotton Twill

Our cotton fabrics were chosen for their soft handle and great drape. They are both versatile and easy to care for and are an ideal choice for curtains or blinds for almost any room. We chose our cotton weave fabric for its particularly crisp look due to its tighter weave whereas cotton twill with its soft ridges makes for a more casual look and feel.


We love flax and its combination of bold colours peppered with colourful flexs. It’s a natural choice if you’re looking to create a cool and contemporary look with a touch of rustic chic.


Hemp is our hero fabric, we chose it for its rustic charm, natural and tactile hand feel and feel good eco facts. Blended with wool it’s soft, has great drape and is an all-year round effective fabric, keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter!

Limited Edition: Espacio

Designed in collaboration with independent designer Adriana Jaros, Espacio is our first step into pattern. Inspired by minimal shapes and woven in a light and airy colour palette, its playful, abstract blocks of colour are designed to frame your windows with a timeless appeal.


A linen/cotton blend, our Linton fabric has the best of both fibres. In a dusky colour palette, our Linton has the softness and versatility of cotton with the benefits of linen - like its ease to absorb and release moisture quickly making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. The cotton in the blend limits its creasing and helps create a soft and more informal, relaxed look for your home.


Revive with its melange textured weave doesn’t just look great and drape well but is great for the environment too. Made from 100% repurposed plastic waste that would ultimately not biodegrade, we think this duo-tone fabric is a great option for any room in your home.

Roller blinds

Our roller fabrics were chosen as they are a discreet solution that will complement any style or space. They are versatile yet functional and can easily be wiped making them a great option for sometimes messy spaces like kitchens or high moisture environments like bathrooms.

Choose between our two semi-transparent fabrics Classic transparent and it’s eco alternative Oceana - both will let the light stream in and unwanted eyes out! Or if you’re looking for added privacy and preventing any unwanted light seeping through windows, consider our blackout roller fabrics in 13 different colours.


Our plain textured sheer comes in crisp white and will offer privacy during the day whilst maximising natural light. A versatile and lightweight fabric to complement a more relaxed room scheme, our Sheer is perfect on its own or as part of a layered window solution


With its luxurious handfeel and its shimmering appearance, Silk will add a touch of glitz and glamour to any home. It drapes beautifully and its affinity to dye means it takes colour really well – check out our 30+ colours, especially the bright ones like Fuschia and Lapis.

Top tip: We would suggest you line or interline your silk curtains and blinds to protect them from sun damage - you can read more about our lining options here.

The Nudes

A collection of versatile and neutral cotton and linen blends each individual, our Nudes collection were chosen as they are all timeless in style, versatile in look and will easily add a touch of calm to any room scheme.

Upcycled Silk

Chosen for its luxuriously soft handle, three tone textured weaved and excellent drape, our Upcycled Silk is woven from a blend of natural and recycled fibres in bright highlights as we wanted to add a pop of colour to frame your windows.


Woven from 100% cotton, velvet is the perfect fabric for flowing luxurious curtains that will make a statement in any room whilst keeping it cosy.


The super hero of fibres means our Wool fabric was chosen for its number of inherent properties. Wool is naturally water repellent, inherently flame retardant and can provide thermal and insulative benefits without any additional fabric finish. It’s super soft handfeel and natural draping qualities mean it’s an ideal fabric for literally any room in your home!

For Stitched, style is important but so are our eco credentials, that’s why nearly all our fabrics are woven from either natural or recycled materials. To see how each compares, take a look at our eco comparison chart here.

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