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white bedroom with blue cotton roman blinds

How to Choose Your Blinds

Let’s get started with choosing the right blinds for your home. From which fabric to pick, to lining options and how much made to measure blinds cost - - - we’ve got you covered. Blinds are a practical and stylish finish to any room so we’ve made choosing blinds for your home easy with our step-by-step guide. First things first, size. Follow our simple measuring instructions here to measure up your windows in a couple of minutes.

Study room with green blackout woollen roman blinds

1. Choose roman or roller blinds (or both)

Roman Blinds

Thin rods are inserted into pockets at the back of the blind, so when opened, the fabric folds into neat pleats. A roman blind installed outside a recess will make your window look bigger and will maximise natural light during the day. All types of fabrics and linings can be used for made to measure roman blinds, from cottons to silks.

Best for: space saving if your room is on the smaller side.

Explore Roman Blind Fabrics

Bedroom roller blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Made with a single piece of fabric that rolls around an aluminium tube when opened. Roller blinds work well in the window recess and are often used with a curtain or roman blind to enhance privacy and blackout. We have 16 different fabrics to pick from for your Roller blinds.

Best for: filtering the sun in South facing rooms.

Explore Roller Blind Fabrics

2. Choose your fabric for Roman Blinds

When choosing fabrics for different rooms, it’s important to consider the aesthetic and function of each space. Did you know? We have over 300 fabrics to choose from and all of them can be used to create roman blinds. Our roller blind options are more limited, but just as good! See all we have to offer here.

white bay window roman blind cream roman bedroom blind

3. Choose your lining

Adding lining to your curtains can add warmth or block light in your home for a great night’s sleep. Did you know? Up to 25% of household heat is lost through windows. By adding lining you can better insulate your home to help save on energy bills. We have four different types of lining - - - lined, blackout lined, bonded and blackout bonded. Alternatively, you can also have your blind unlined. For bedroom blinds, we usually recommend choosing a blackout option to ensure a good nights sleep in the lighter months. If you need some more guidance on our blind lining options and the benefits they have, check out our Guide to Roman Blind Lining.

yellow bedroom roman blind striped roman blind close up

4. Fitting your blinds

Our roman blinds can be screwed into your wall or onto your ceiling using the bracket provided. Simply install the brackets and clip your blind into place. Similarly for our roller blinds, clip your blinds into the brackets by hooking the chain end into the cross first, then placing the spring-loaded pin into the hole on the other side. If you need more detailed installation instructions, check out our installation guides.

Young children sometimes find roman and roller blind chains fun to play with. To avoid children putting their heads through the loop of your roman or roller blind chain:

  • Keep cords out of reach
  • Make sure beds, cots and other furniture are moved away from where the chain hangs
  • Install the chain tensioning clip supplied with your blind to make sure that your chain is child safe
bedroom roller blind nursery roman blind

Do blinds have seams or joins?

The possible width of a fabric comes from the width of the roll. If your windows are wider than the fabric width then it is necessary to have a vertical join to cover the entire window. We place the largest possible width in the centre of the blind and add additional fabric width on either side. This way the seam or join is closer to the edge and less noticeable.

How long do made to measure blinds take?

Our made-to-measure blinds are hand stitched to your bespoke requirements with every detail finished by hand in local workshops up and down the country. Behind the scenes our team works hard on design details from fabrics choices, to more bespoke requests. Our lead times are specific for each project to make sure our sewistas have time to cut, pin and sew to the highest quality and finish. The number of windows in a project can also impact lead times - - - it takes time to hand-stitch quality window apparel! If you have any questions on projects or lead times, get in touch with our team

Are blinds cheaper than curtains?

Curtains are generally more expensive than blinds due to the amount of fabric required, but the design options available can be worth the extra money. You can personalise your curtains with the heading, pooling and lining choices. Your choice of curtains or blinds depends on the size of your room and window, as well as any design elements you want in your home.

Why choose Stitched?

Buying made-to-measure from Stitched means you can choose every aspect and design your blinds to your liking. You can find out more about Stitched here. If you need some help, get in touch with our friendly team. We can get your questions answered in 20 minutes on a video call.