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Ian Mankin Ticking 01 Stripe and Angus Stripe

We’ve teamed up with Ian Mankin to launch our very first striped curtains and blinds; Ticking 01 Stripe and Angus Stripe. Offered in a spectrum of colours and textures, these two new best-selling fabrics will give you the opportunity to bring a real burst of individuality to your home.

Using stripes in your scheme can be elegant, contemporary, fun and charming. Some rooms and windows, depending on the size, would look better with vertical or horizontal stripes - - - take a look at our stripe styling guide for some handy tips. Another thing to consider when choosing a striped fabric is your own personal taste. Adding striped curtains and blinds to a room is an easy way to add a touch of personality to your decor.

As with all of our fabrics, these two striped collections are made from natural, recycled and organic fibres. They are also environmentally friendly, with no chemicals added to the fabrics and are made in the UK meaning no extra carbon emissions! If that wasn’t enough to persuade you to add them to your home, they also look great. With Ian Mankin Ticking 01 being made from 100% cotton and Ian Mankin Angus Stripe being made from 100% linen, they’re the perfect fabrics to add some playfulness and texture to your made to measure curtains and made to measure blinds.

Meet Ticking 01

A classic Ticking striped fabric which has a beautiful, tailored finish. With its tightly woven cotton, Ticking 01 is wonderfully durable and can be used not only for curtains and blinds, but also for throw cushions and to upholster furniture. Hitting a fine balance between relaxed and formal, interiors with Ticking Stripe curtains and blinds will give your space an industrial yet modern feel. Consisting of one thick stripe bordered by two thinner stripes, this is a bold print without being too much. Best of all Ticking 01 is made in the UK and is priced more affordably for a patterned fabric. Available in a spectrum of colours inspired by nature, from pastel pinks to night sky navies, choose Ian Mankin Ticking 01 Stripe to add character to your home.

ian mankin ticking 01 striped curtains ian mankin ticking 01 striped curtains

Meet Angus Stripe

Angus Stripe is a more rustic, striped linen fabric that will coordinate well with any interior. Creating a more relaxed vibe than Ticking 01, Angus Stripe is made of 100% woven linen and is reminiscent of vintage Hungarian grain sacks, where the inspiration for the fabric came from. Available in a range of classic colours including navy and red, you will be instantly transported to wherever your imagination takes you, be it a balmy beach house or a classically chic Mediterranean villa. The versatility of the Angus Stripe means you can add it to virtually any interior scheme and it won’t look out of place. Why not mix and match colours or stripe patterns between your curtains, throws and cushions?

red and white angus stripe curtains red and white angus stripe curtains

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