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Notes from a Colourful Island

Rainbows have taken on a special significance in the world and are proof perhaps that we’re a rainbow nation in more ways than one. While recognising that our individual preference and response to colour is very personal, we thought it might be interesting to see if there are trends based on where we live.

We did some research into the most popular colours chosen by our customers and found that blue, classic neutrals and grey are universally popular. In recent years grey, in all its myriad tones, has become the neutral of choice. Easy to live with and an effective complement to pretty much any other colour. And blue, the colour of the sea and the sky, is considered to be the world’s favourite so why should we in the UK be any different?

But, in terms of regional variation, things got very interesting when we looked at the colours that vie for attention with blue, nudes and grey. Could where we live have an impact on the way we view colour? So, indulge us a little as we go on a tour of the UK to show you the colours that are in most demand when our customers choose their curtains and blinds.

It might be the abundance of heather on the moors or a royal lineage that causes many a Scot to favour purple. This colour, which can present itself in the warm hues of lilac and aubergine or cooler lavender and mauve, is associated with wealth and power as well as spirituality. The colour of choice for kings and queens, purple conveys a sense of luxury and quality. Purple blinds and curtains will make a statement in any room in your home but are particularly appropriate for areas where focus and contemplation are important.

Another popular colour in Scotland and just south of the border is yellow, purple’s complement on the colour wheel. Could it be that the ‘testing’ weather in these parts of the UK makes their residents yearn for a colour associated with the sun?! This happy hue is emotionally stimulating, confident and optimistic. It can even boost our self-esteem. A pair of yellow curtains or blinds are bound to make us smile.

red bedroom curtains yellow bedroom curtains

At the risk of lapsing into cliché, is it any wonder that the citizens of Northern Island favour green? The Emerald Isle’s lush countryside can’t fail to inspire the choice of the colour most closely associated with the natural world. Green falls in the middle of the colour spectrum and our eyes require little or no adjustment to see it. It’s therefore the most restful of colours and conveys a sense of balance and harmony.

This obsession with green continues across the whole South of England - - - no surprise when you consider the hue’s infinity variety and versatility. A green can be found to suit any space. Warm, forest greens with red undertones are perfect for north-facing rooms where there may be little natural light. Blue-greens are better suited to bright rooms where the morning light will make them sing and the evening light will create a cosy feel.

It turns out that the Welsh buck the green trend that surrounds them by confidently opting for pink. Could this be because pink is a paler version of red, the national colour of Wales? Does the nation exhibit those attributes most closely associated with pink - - - those of nurturing, caring and empathy? Whatever the case, pink is incredibly versatile, easy to pair with other colours and, at its palest, a contemporary alternative to off-white tones.

Finally, to the Midlands where cool neutrals are the order of the day. Bright, clean and understated, these hues are the perfect foil to stronger pops of colour but equally beautiful in their own right. The underlying pigments are key and together with the amount of natural light in a room, produce dramatically different effects. Cool neutrals have a grey or blue undertone and are perfect when a pared-back, architectural aesthetic is desired. Although perfect for lovers of minimalism, the elegance of cool neutrals make them suitable for more traditional as well as contemporary homes.

Where do you sit on the rainbow?

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