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Can curtains save me money?

Made to measure curtains and blinds are designed to fit your windows perfectly, therefore creating a ‘seal’ preventing heat escaping your home. Adding a thermal lining can stop even more heat escaping which goes far in reducing how much you spend on your energy bills. So investing in well-made curtains and blinds can indeed save you money!

Will curtains make a room warmer? Curtains and blinds are often overlooked as an investment that can help bring down your energy bills in the winter months. The great thing about made to measure curtains and blinds is that they are the perfect fit for your windows and can be tailored to include a lining of your choice, so can make a big difference in insulating your homes by keeping draughts out and your rooms warmer in the colder months.

When up to 25% of household heat is lost through your windows - - - choosing made to measure curtains and blinds can make a huge difference in keeping your energy bills down. A practical and stylish way to help your window apparel keep its shape while also keeping rooms warmer and protecting the fabric from sunlight, is by adding lining to your curtains and blinds. Thermal lined curtains and blinds are ideal for older properties as the thermal lining will keep heat in and cold out. Stitched offers plenty of options for your chosen window apparel - - - from an interlined blackout for curtains to bonded lining for your blinds. Find out more here.

You can also get your curtains to help save on energy bills by making them long. Pooling allows your curtains to rest on the floor to create a seal in your room and our sewistas place weights in the hem to anchor your curtains. This keeps the heat in and your rooms warmer for longer. Most importantly though, closing your curtains and blinds before dark keeps warmth in. Just an hour before dark can help keep the cold out.

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