The Long and Short of It

How to choose the right length curtains for your windows.

Choosing those all-important finishing touches for your scheme can prove challenging. For some, curtains could be considered one of the final decisions, but it makes sense to consider early on in the design process how you will incorporate curtains into your room.

Once you have chosen from our selection of British milled fabrics you will need to decide on your curtain length. This is largely down to preference, but it helps to consider design principles such as balance, rhythm and flow before making your final decision.

Look around the room, do you have empty spaces for the eye to rest, do you have large pieces of furniture taking centre stage? Are there radiators or wall mounted furniture to consider? In this instance a shorter length could work well; mounting the rail as close to the ceiling as possible will enhance the feeling of height and create a more seamless finish.

Longer length works very well for those with lofty ceiling heights and original features such as sash windows. But even when you have decided on a full length finish, consider whether you would like a neat finish, just above floor level, or a dramatic pooling effect where you allow a few more inches to gather on the floor. The beauty of Stitched made to measure curtains is the choice is entirely yours.

To make the process a bit simpler there are three easy to choose from pooling options on offer:

  1. Just Touching, which is great for modern interiors and clean finishes. This practical length works well in new builds.
  2. Normal Pooling, for this effect 5cm of fabric is added to your curtain height creating natural pools that soften the interior and add warmth to your scheme.
  3. Generous Pooling, to create this look 12cm of fabric is added to your curtain length. This finish is dramatic and high end, not only will it bring the wow factor to your scheme, practically this length is great for concealing less than perfect flooring.

For a cohesive overall look it’s important to consider rhythm, a space has rhythm when the eye can visually travel around without hitting obstructions. Rhythm is usually picked up subconsciously and can be enhanced by keeping clutter to minimum, using tonal colours and repetition of key finishes, shapes and patterns.

Your curtains will form a large part of this rhythmic flow, as one of the main elements of your scheme it is important to not only choose a fabric that you love, but one that fulfils your needs in that space by managing light and thermal qualities effectively. Choosing made to measure curtains gives you full flexibility on the volume, length and fabric, putting you in the position of designer.

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