What Do Your Curtains + Blinds Say About You?

As humans, we have an incredible appetite for knowledge, particularly about ourselves and other humans. We make assumptions about people based on how they’re dressed, where they live, what they do. When we are invited into their world, their home, office, favourite lunch spot, we make further assumptions.

You can tell a lot about a person based on the way they live in and use their homes. Have you ever wondered what your curtains + blinds say about you? Admittedly probably not but we have and we’re here to tell you!

Bare windows

1/5 You’re either an exhibitionist or a non - conformist!

Whether you enjoy the view out your naked windows or just don’t follow the crowd, rocking a bare window is a brave choice! Or maybe you just don’t know where to start when it comes to deciding on curtains or blinds. With our AR (augmented reality) App, it really couldn’t be simpler. Download the App and follow the instructions to see what your window would look like all dressed up in brand new curtains. For any questions or help, simply ask our customer service team through the app. We can send you fabric samples to make sure you’re 100% happy with your choice. All that’s left is for you to confirm your order online. Alternatively, we offer free video consultations, click here to book.

Whatever the landlord put there

2/5 You’re easy-going and take things as they come.

We’ve pretty much all been there, the house comes fully furnished, along with most likely the cheapest/easiest/ugliest/most basic curtain or blind the landlord could find before you (or the tenant 10 years before you) moved in. Changing out the plastic horizontal blinds- you don’t live in an office, after all- can make a huge difference to the overall feeling in your rental house, and make it feel like a home. Our made to measure curtains and blinds can usually be adjusted to fit other windows if and when you do move on. We have made measuring your windows super easy, just follow our Measuring Guidelines here to get started.


3/5 You’re eco-conscious! Or flat broke.

Mum updated her sitting room and passed on her old curtains to you? We’re all for re-using but don’t forget you can also upcycle curtains. Put your own mark to them by changing the heading see our headings guide here, or adding trimmings like fun tassels along the edges. If you want to update them, add a complimentary fabric along the top or bottom to create a puddle drop see our guide to pooling here or along the edges to add extra stackback, which has the added benefit of keeping in more heat.

Chintz to match the sofa, of course!

4/5 You’re a traditionalist and proud home-owner.

You have a strong sense of your own style and you’re not afraid to decorate with it! You subscribe to all the home & garden magazines and regard Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen as a close friend, who cares if you’ve never met him?! You could write the book on curtains and blinds and in fact are only reading this to see what other people are like. But as you’re here, why not have a little peek at our fabrics, just in case…

Made to measure curtains or blinds from Stitched.

5/5 You’re perfect in every way.

You are your parents favourite child, there is nothing we could possibly say!

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