Curtains and Blinds 101: Which fabric for which room?

We often gets asked, which fabric is best for which room?

The two major considerations are the aesthetic and the function, so read on for our top tips and you’ll be another step closer to creating your dream home.

Living room with grey sofa and green woollen curtains Living room with grey sofa and green woollen curtains

Your living room and bedroom...

When it comes to your living room and bedroom, you have a myriad of exciting options at your disposal. Luckily, both curtains or blinds can work a treat here.

Your bedroom is the most intimate of spaces and the perfect place to use your favourite texture! This is the place to really do you.

Opt for curtains for enveloping coziness and for blinds for smaller or more streamlined spaces. All our fabrics are available in blackout if more privacy or blocking of light is needed!

bedside table beside grey curtains
White bay windows and white roman blinds

Apply the same practical considerations for both living room and bedroom when it comes to which type of fabric to use:


Cotton is an all-round favourite as it drapes very gracefully and has good longevity. Line it for increased strength and an even better weight for drape. Check out our Cotton Twill and Cotton Weave range for a sensational mix of shades and styles.


Super chic and timeless, use linen or light flowing sheers in your living room for a natural, beachy or bohemian effect. Check out our Linton (Linen/Cotton blend) range!

Blue and nude linen and cotton curtains
Blue linen and cotton curtains

These fibres can sometimes depending on the weight let some light through, but this can be altered with blackout lining for greater privacy and a better night’s sleep by blocking out light. Heavier weight linen can simply be lined with cotton and is very durable and elegant.


If you’re after something rustic but a little different, our Flax is a strong weave with a lived-in appearance - perfect for creating durable curtains with an earthy style.


If you lean towards sophisticated glamour, Silk has a natural lustre and softness which is perfect for you. Silk is susceptible to sun damage, so avoid windows hit by direct sunlight and counter this by lining your curtains and blinds with a cotton blackout lining.

Or you could even go for a mixed composition like our Upcycled Silk range for greater strength against the sun - check out our favourite shades, Burnish Rose and Smoked Silver. Our Velvet fabric in Teal is an absolute showstopper and works with many different styles of spaces.

Your bathroom...

The humidity of the average bathroom means that a fabric needs to be robust.

Our range Revive, made entirely of recycled plastic bottles, is good for both your bathroom and the environment and comes in 13 unique yet sophisticated shades.

Roller blinds are a popular choice in bathroom spaces since they are neat and work well with synthetic fabrics.

We love to use roller blinds as statement pieces in their own right - so mix a bold pattern or colour to lift and modernise your space. Check out our roller blind fabrics.

Blue recycled polyester fabrics
Blue and grey recycled polyester fabrics

Your kitchen...

Consider where your windows are located. If your windows are located near any food preparation spaces or anywhere that might become splattered, then plain roller shades are the best options, being easy to wipe clean and resilient against damage.

If your windows are positioned away from potential danger, then the world is your oyster. We love oh-so-charming Roman blinds in a kitchen. Create them out of a beautiful cotton or linen for a gorgeous, timeless elegance. Use Hemp for more rustic style kitchens or a Cotton Weave for a more modern space.

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