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Made to Measure Thermal Curtains

Choosing made to measure thermal lined curtains keeps your house warm and your energy bills down. As all of our curtains and blinds are made to your exact measurements, there are little to no gaps around your window that heat can escape from. Adding a thermal lining to your curtains insulates your home - - - it’s thought to reduce heat loss from windows by as much as 25%! So while choosing made to measure curtains from Stitched made be slightly more expensive than a high street ready-made product, it’s worth the investment.

Can curtains really save me money? Absolutely! Even by drawing your regular curtains at dusk, the average UK house can reduce heat loss by 15-17%, therefore reducing demand for heating. In winter, you should draw your curtains earlier in the night, making sure that the curtains overlap in the middle. A curtain’s ability to reduce heat loss even further is affected by the fabric type. We recommend buying closed weave fabrics such as wool, flax and velvet as they perform the best in terms of heat retention.

We’ve also worked with energy efficiency experts Kuppa to help raise awareness on how curtains can instantly save you money on your heating bills. “As households grapple with a big increase in electricity and gas bills, it may be a surprise that 27% of your yearly heating bill goes to make up for heat loss through windows - - - amounting to £1,099 p/a based on the average energy profile of a typical Victorian 3 bed home. This heat map of a Roman Blind shows just how much well-fitted window apparel can affect heat loss, and therefore energy bills, in your home.”

roman blind heatmap striped thermal lined roman blind
wool thermal lined curtains thermal lined door curtains

Top tip: adding thermal lined made to measure curtains to your doorways can also help with keeping the heat in your home by excluding drafts. Pictured above, Kat chose our Revive fabric in Power for her cottage. By choosing a tighter woven fabric and adding thermal lining and generous pooling to her window apparel, Kat has ensured her living room is as cosy as possible for the winter months!

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