Installing Tracks

Step 01: Cutting tracks to size

Curtains LESS than 2.4m wide

  1. Your track will arrive in one piece
  2. Mark the total width of your curtains (or pair of curtains) on your track
  3. Cut your track down to size with a hacksaw
    Curtains MORE than 2.4m wide
  4. Your track will arrive in 2 pieces
  5. Divide the total width of your curtains by 2
  6. Mark 1/2 your total curtain width on each track
  7. Cut each track down to size

Step 02: Wall mounting your track

  1. Measure the length of your curtains from the floor and mark the installation height.
  2. Mark the installation height for each bracket. Your brackets should be no more than 120cm apart.
  3. Hold the bracket against the wall so that the bottom of your bracket lines up with your installation height and mark your drill holes.
  4. Carefully drill your holes.
  • Brick walls: Use a 5.5mm masonry drill bit, and insert rawl plugs
  • Plasterboard walls: Use an ordinary 5.5mm drill bit and insert rawl plugs
  • Wood frames: Use an ordinary 2mm drill bit to create a pilot hole
  1. Screw your brackets into the wall and mount your track by sliding the arm of the bracket under the lip of the track and tighten the fastening screw.

Step 03: Joining pieces

  1. Insert the magnet plate into your track. Centre the magnetic plate and tighten the grub screw. Finish by placing the front plate onto your track (the magnet will hold it in place)

Bending bay window tracks

How to bend tracks

  1. Identify front and back of track
  2. Measure out each bend of your bay on the track
  3. Gently bend the track using your knee. Bend the track slightly, then check the angle as you go (the track will not easily bend back if you over bend it)
  4. Trim off excess track at the track ends
    If you are in any doubt about how to bend your tracks, contact the Stitched team who can put you in touch with a pro installer

Ceiling mounted tracks (no brackets)

  1. Drill holes through the centre of your track at 20cm intervals
  2. Fix your track to the ceiling by screwing the track directly onto the ceiling