The Stitched Story

After nearly a decade in interior design, Elly Pitt embarked on a new mission to make designing and buying made to measure things for our homes easier, more fun and sustainable.

Alarmed by the rise of “fast furnishing” Elly sought to use the best technology, sustainable materials and skilled local manufacturing to help people buy unique products that would stand the test of time. In 2017, Elly met Will Verrill, and Stitched was born, starting with curtains, blinds and feel good fabrics.

Upcycled silk fabric
Linen cotton blend fabric

Next generation materials

Stitched started with a search for a new breed of earth-friendly and recycled fabrics made from the best fibres by eco focused mills with positive employment practices. We looked all over the world; it turned out that the best were milled in Britain.

British manufacturing

Manufacturing heritage

We believe that local demand should be fulfilled by local expertise. That’s why all of our curtains + blinds are made in Merseyside and Devon workshops with over 100 years manufacturing heritage, cutting our carbon footprint, giving us control over quality and ensuring that everyone in our supply chain is treated fairly.

Grey curtains

Smart tech and friendly humans

Designing your home should be fun and easy. So we built some really useful design tools to help with the tricky bits of designing the perfect products for your home, leaving you to get on with the fun stuff. And because designing your home is a personal process, we’ve put together a team of real people to help answer the questions the computers can’t.

roller blind and plant

Good business

We believe that our business can be used to have a positive impact on the environment, our supply chain, our employees and (of course) our customers, and at the same time make a profit. To help us continue to improve we’re working with B-Corp to set and meet standards of verified social and environmental performance that make us a better business for all.

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