Zero landfill. Earth friendly. Recycled.

Carefully selected eco-fabrics to suit any home. We care about our planet. Less waste and more responsible materials. Feel good about your curtain and blind decisions with naturally beautiful fabrics milled in Yorkshire.

Fabric Collections natural fabrics main line flax fabric in highgate and newbury %28purple aqua duck egg%29 square%281%29
Main Line Flax
The Alex James of our fabric range; the aging rockstar. This textured fabric offers a depth of colour to a room, whether used in a curtain or a blind. Some facts about flax - it is grown in mild, northern climes, where steamy summers yield soft and silky flax yarns. It is spun with wool and then fibre dyed to create beautiful mixture yarns.
View here natural fabrics cotton twill fabric in linen   duckegg %28neutral aqua blues%29 square
Cotton Twill
An unsung hero, beautifully soft to touch yet hard-wearing. The weighted cotton twill fabric will make any room feel special. Stitched in Spain, Cotton Twill is full of passion and soul. Stitched is proud to support more sustainable cotton production and whilst our cotton fabrics are not yet certified, we are working with our suppliers to audit and improve them one stitch at a time.
View here natural fabrics wool synergy similar alike %28orange and dark blue   navy%29 square
The sophisticated yet colourful philanthropist of our fabric range. A soft to touch, wool blend, with presence. It speaks for itself. Stitched in a kaleidoscope range of colours (35 to be precise!) there’s a hue for every look and style. A truly feel-good fabric, Synergy is the jewel in our crown. For every metre of Synergy sold, a donation is made to Just A Drop, to help provide clean and safe water to a communities in need.
View here natural fabrics upcycled silk empress incense %28pink neon green light green%29 square
Upcycled Silk
The Stevie Nicks of our fabric collection, the original bohemian queen. Its a true eco-friendly fabric with rich and rustic beauty. Constructed in a beautiful dobby weave with a three tone tweed effect made from a mix of wool, flax and recycled silk, it is hard wearing, colourful and has the ability to brighten any room; Upcycled Silk is good for the environment and good for your home.
View here natural fabrics cotton weave fabric in sorbet   aqua %28pink and blue%29 square
Cotton Weave
The bolder sibling of our Cotton Twill, not only due to its compelling colours, but also due to its robust texture. Stitched in Italy, Cotton Weave is loud and confident, it is perfect for making curtains and blinds. Stitched is proud to support more sustainable cotton production and whilst our cotton fabrics are not yet certified, we are working with our suppliers to audit and improve them one stitch at a time.
View here rivet recycled fabric
The weekend hipster of our fabric range. It’s fun and enticing with a sheen of sophistication, but has an alter ego, a hidden’s made from recycled plastic bottles. And at a time where plastics waste is on the tip of everybody’s tongue, it’s a real conversation starter. Stitched by our fabric supplier (Camira) to celebrate 20 years’ of designing and manufacturing recycled fabrics, there’s no doubt Rivet is a fabric of the future.
View here natural fabrics hemp trough arable %28grey chrome slate silver blue persian blue%29 square
We’re buzzing about Hemp. This home-grown, feel good fabric is a slightly more rugged looking fabric than Main Line Flax, it has been blended with wool for a soft hand feel. Grown in Leicestershire, hemp is a wonderfully sustainable, fast growing plant; only 45 kg of hemp seed can make up to 5,400 metres of fabric... that's approximately 300 pairs of curtains for one bag of seeds! And the production waste? Any waste fibre is decomposed and used as fertiliser for the following year's crop.
View here natural fabrics luxurious silk ivory pewter %28cream slate gunmetal parchment%29 square
Glamorous and enchanting, this is the Gatsby of our fabric range. It has an opulent feel with a brushed finish; a nod to its natural qualities. Stitched in India in a process known as “sericulture”, our silk is exotic and has rich heritage. Our silk fabric is not yet certified, but we are working with our suppliers to audit its environmental properties and we aim to improve them one stitch at a time.
View here multicoloured fabric on rolls square multicoloured fabric samples on oak table square
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