Zero landfill. Earth friendly. Recycled.

Carefully selected eco-fabrics to suit any home. We care about our planet. Less waste and more responsible materials. Feel good about your curtain and blind decisions with naturally beautiful fabrics milled in Yorkshire.

Fabric Collections natural fabrics main line flax fabric in highgate and newbury %28purple aqua duck egg%29 square%281%29
Main Line Flax
Main Line Flax is a versatile fabric that blends subtle hints of colour for added depth. Flax yarns are spun with sustainable wool to create a lived-in, wild and strong weave with a colourful fleck detail.
View here natural fabrics cotton twill fabric in linen   duckegg %28neutral aqua blues%29 square
Cotton Twill
Cotton Twill is a super soft brushed fabric with an old school feel. It's durable yet homely and offered in a variety of classic colours making it the perfect fabric for curtain or blind.
View here natural fabrics wool synergy similar alike %28orange and dark blue   navy%29 square
Synergy is a pressed finish fabric offered in kaleidoscopic range of colours and made from sustainable wool. It is sleek, with a super-soft feel that drapes beautifully like a well tailored suit.
View here natural fabrics upcycled silk empress incense %28pink neon green light green%29 square
Upcycled Silk
Upcycled Silk is an enchanting, colourful and textural fabric with a subtle three tone tweed effect. It hangs beautifully and its recycled silk fibres give it a wonderfully soft and luxurious feel.
View here natural fabrics cotton weave fabric in sorbet   aqua %28pink and blue%29 square
Cotton Weave
Cotton Weave is offered in wonderful mix of eye-catching colours and some more subtle tones that create an exciting fabric perfect for making a bold statement.
View here rivet recycled fabric
Rivet is a fabric of the future and a real conversation starter. Inspired by the natural pigments in traditional vegetable dyes, it's made from recycled plastic bottles which are woven to create fabric with a surprisingly natural feel.
View here natural fabrics hemp trough arable %28grey chrome slate silver blue persian blue%29 square
Hemp is a home grown, feel good fabric is made from a slub yarn which gives it a rustic charm and a wonderfully natural looking texture, adding a rugged elegance to any room.
View here natural fabrics luxurious silk ivory pewter %28cream slate gunmetal parchment%29 square
Silk is a glamorous, seductive and enchanting fabric that's so smooth it moves like liquid. Offered in classic tones, it drapes dramatically for a luxurious finish.
View here multicoloured fabric on rolls square multicoloured fabric samples on oak table square
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