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Bring Colour into Your Home This Spring

It’s that time of year again of longer evenings, warmer weather and a summer to look forward to. But you can have that spring and summer feeling in your home all year round by introducing colour. Wether you add bright coloured made to measure curtains or made to measure blinds, or you choose to paint your walls in a bright hue or add colourful furniture, adding colour to your home can bring joy at any time of year.

Take inspiration from nature

Keep it natural and take a moment to look outside for inspiration in your home. Introduce some greenery by bringing bulbs, flowers and foliage inside. Add Spring flowers in vases or why not opt for something more sculptural in the form of twigs dotted with blossoms. You can complement this fresh interior with curtains or blinds in one of our luscious green tones. From jewel toned made to measure velvet curtains to our paste cotton made to measure curtains, adding green into your home is easier than you might think!

Jay chose green

Jay went for our Wool in Valley to brighten up his London flat.


Add some sunshine

Introduce yellow to your home to instantly create an uplifting feel to any space. Go bold with bright yellow hues or take it slow and introduce pastel yellows in soft furnishings. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through and make your space personal. Adding colour to a room can be as small as bright cushions, fabrics or ornaments or it could be as loud as bright yellow bed linen or curtains. We say be brave and go bold.

Mix it up

For a more subtle approach, choose colours such as soft pink, misty blue or pale greens instead of white. Introducing a soft pastel or neutral for larger objects in the room, such as furniture or made to measure curtains, can allow smaller objects such as cushions, artwork or rugs to shine. Janine chose Silk in Dove for her spare bedroom to allow the piece of art on the wall to be the centre of attention. This way, her home still has colour and personality, but with beautiful textures too!

Colour blocking

For a more maximalist approach, try colour blocking or using more than one bold colour. This is a really fun way to introduce different shades into your home. You could use different coloured paints, bold wallpaper or introduce a bold pop of colour to your windows. Check out Luke’s Stitched home for the ultimate masterclass in colour blocking.