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green wool curtain

Jay's home

Valley, Wool

Jay chose these curtains not only because of the vibrant colour, but he loved the fact they’re made from Wool. A natural fibre, for a natural home.

Living in London Jay chose Valley curtains as he wanted to bring ‘the outdoors in’ to leave the city behind him when at home. Take a look inside…

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About Jay's Curtains

Fabric Valley, Wool

Feel Classic

Room Type Living Room

Jay chose a wave heading as it glides effortlessly across a pole or track, which is useful when you have very high windows! As there is such a dramatic drop, we recommended heavy pooling to complete the luxurious look.

Jay’s house is a cabinet of curiosities - objects that have been slowly collected over the years to create a haven of happiness in his home. Carefully curated to ensure that it is never cluttered, but always intriguing. When he comes home, he needs to be able to clear his mind so having green curtains in his sitting room was a conscious choice to bring the outdoors in; creating an illusion of being near a large green space.

A therapist and meditation leader based in West London, Jay’s life is spent creating a calm and safe environment, listening to others and making them feel safe and comfortable… something that he can now mimic at home.

His fabric choice

Valley, Wool

A pressed finish fabric that feels super soft to the touch and hangs like a well-tailored jacket. Made from sustainable wool, it comes in a range of bold, notice-me colours that speak for themselves. So loudly in fact, you may not need lining.

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green wool curtain green wool curtain

Jay's Sample Pack

Before he made a decision, Jay chose some free fabric samples. Here's a selection of what he picked.