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Luke's Studio

Sunset, Flax

Sunset curtains for his East London Studio

About Luke's Curtains

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customer portrait in front of orange curtain

Sunset curtains for his East London Studio

About Luke's Curtains


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orange curtain behind art desk

Meet Luke

Luke is an artist, designer and Financial Times columnist

Luke Edward Hall is a London-based artist and designer. His colourful aesthetic is informed by a love of history, an appreciation of beauty and a sense of playfulness.

Orange curtains in artist study room

His fabric choice

A versatile textured fabric that combines flax and sustainable wool to create a wild and strong lived-in yarn peppered with colourful flecks

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pile of used paper
hung painted bag
At Stitched we are always interested in all things colour! So we sat down with Luke to find out more...

What is your favourite colour combo?

It changes often. At the moment it’s burgundy and lavender.

What part of your studio do you enjoy the most?

My giant desk - it’s where I spend most of my time and where I have everything I need to hand.

orange curtain behind pink pillar
orange curtain behind pink pillar and lamp

What's your most loved item in your studio?

Difficult! Probably my books - I collect old and rare art and design books. I’ve got lot of treasured souvenirs from trips which I’m very attached too also - things like match boxes, postcards, Polaroids - they’re just small things but they remind me of good times. I’m surrounded by things I love in my studio because I’m a hoarder and I get attached to things easily.

If you had to choose one designer who inspires you, who would it be?

Cecil Beaton.

Where does your love of colour stem from?

I’ve loved colour since I was very young, but I’m not sure where the interest stemmed from. I think perhaps it was a form of self-expression. I never understood why most people wore so much grey and black. Colour to me is all about optimism - it brings me happiness.

Luke's Sample Pack

Before he made a decision, Luke chose 5 free fabric samples. Here's what he picked.