Curtains vs Blinds

Choosing between curtains + blinds doesn’t need to be hard. Here’s a handy guide to the benefits of both…

made to measure red curtains


Size matters

Size doesn’t matter, except when it comes to made to measure curtains and blinds. If you want to create space in a small room, roman or roller blinds are good starting point. If your set on curtains, make sure you’ve got space either side of your windows for the curtains to “stack back” when open.

made to measure blackout curtains



Getting the best blackout is an art. Curtains are generally the best solution as they will cover more of the window. Roman and roller blinds will block, some but not all of the light. If you’re baffled by blackout give us a call.

blue made to measure curtain


The test of time

Curtains + blinds should last a lifetime. So what happens if you move home at some point in the future? The good news is your curtains + blinds can be altered. Curtains tend to be a bit more versatile than blinds

white bedroom made to measure curtains


What room?

There are no hard and fast rules but from a practical perspective, curtains work better in some rooms and blinds in others. Curtains are good for living rooms and bedrooms, blinds are good for kitchens and bathrooms

made to measure curtains and dog


Pets (and small people)

Pets and children are often a concern. The good news is we’ve got you covered. All Stitched blinds comply with regulatory standard for child safety. And if you furry friend is prone to climbing the curtains, blinds might be a better bet.

artists studio and made to measure curtains



Forget fashion, it comes and goes. Style lasts a lifetime and only you know your style. Curtains offer more versatility complementing every style from modern minimalist through industrial all the way to traditional and maximalist looks. Blinds are a little more paired back tending to suit more modern spaces.

white made to measure roller blind



When doing up your home, budgets are a thing. Curtains use more fabric than roman and roller blinds which makes them a bit more expensive. If you’re on a budget fear not a simple roller blind can look clean and smart.

made to measure privacy roller blind



Want to avoid the stares of nosey neighbours? We’ve got you covered, whatever your style. Gone are the days of twitching net curtains, simple sheer curtains give you all the privacy you need whilst looking super smart. And if you prefer blinds, we offer sheer roman and roller blinds.

pink made to measure curtains


Hot and cold

Curtains are great for helping to regulate the temperature in your home so are the perfect accomplice to a good radiator in winter or a fan in summer. Our fabrics have fantastic thermals properties (especially Wool, Flax, Upcycled Silk and Hemp), meaning they’ll keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

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