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The Ultimate Guide To Pencil Pleat Curtains

In a world of curtain headings, what are pencil pleat curtains and why choose them? It has to be said, when choosing new curtains, not many of us think about the headings, what they are called or why one is “better” than another. We normally just look at the colour, fabric, length, possibly the lining and choose based on those criteria. Looking at the heading thinking “hmm, that’s nice/not nice” is usually as far as we get when it comes choosing how the top of our curtains will look, if even that! But not all curtain headings are the same, honestly! And they can make a surprising difference to your home. We want you to have the perfect curtains and for us that means from top to bottom and everything in between! Pencil pleat curtains are a fan favourite, find out more below…

What is a pencil pleat curtain and why are they called that?

The top of the curtain is backed by a special heading tape with cords sewn through. Pencil pleats are created by pulling on these cords. The effect of gathering the fabric in this way makes semi cylindrical shapes from the heading. Plain and simply put, the circular effect makes it look like a row of pencils! Simple in concept, simple in design, beautiful in reality, who could ask for more?!

striped Ian Mankin pencil pleat curtains pink red pencil pleat curtains bedroom

Why choose pencil pleat curtains?

Curtains with a pencil pleat heading are a really easy option, they give your room a classic, yet modern look. They are more elevated than a simple eyelet yet not as formal as a triple pleat. You are in total control of the aesthetic, you choose the entire look. Check out our guide to creating the pencil look and hanging this type of curtain here. This type of heading is particularly good for black-out curtains as the light gets trapped in the folds. Also perfect for a more traditional interior scheme, pencil pleats are a great choice for many homes.

What fabric can I use?

The joy of choosing this kind of heading on your made to measure curtains is that you can use any kind of fabric. To see our range of stunning fabrics, click here. This type of heading is so versatile, you can choose how tight or loose the pleats are and with that in mind, every type of fabric looks good!

grey pencil pleat curtains yellow pencil pleat curtains

Track or pole?

The heading tape comes with three different options for you to position the hooks so it is very flexible in terms of whether you would like to use a track or pole. Pencil pleats look good on either option. Did you know we also have a beautiful range of handmade curtain poles and tracks? Simply click here to discover the collection.

Whatever colour, style, heading you choose for your made to measure curtains, be sure to tag us on social media, we love to see the finished product! Pencil pleat headings not for you? Check out our other headings below.

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