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Sheer Elegance

Sheer curtains, sometimes called net curtains or voile curtains, aren’t just for Summer - although they are perfect for blocking light whilst still having privacy! But let’s be honest, we all crave lazy afternoons in the sunshine, sheer custom made curtains gently billowing in the breeze, birds chirping outside… bliss! At Stitched, we’re proud to give you the chance to enjoy this lush feeling in the comfort of your own home. Read on for our top reasons to use sheers on your windows.


Putting up sheer curtains will protect your home from strong sunlight. Over time, the sun can damage more than we imagine in our homes. Strong colours can fade, delicate fabrics like silk can rot, photographs can curl and fade… Simply adding one of our sheer fabrics will diffuse the sunlight, which in turn will save your mementos and precious items.

Not only that, think of your pets lying unprotected in direct sunlight. While your fluffy friend may enjoy nothing more than a snooze in the sun, think about the damage those harsh UV rays can do to her skin and eyes? Sheer curtains are a sure fire way to make sure your pets stay protected from those rays. Check out our stunning collection of sheer fabrics.

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While we all shed a few layers in summer, we don’t want to be totally exposed for all to see! Naked windows can leave you feeling exactly that. While you may already have curtains or blinds, you don’t want to shut out the glorious long evening light too early, yet with all the extra people out about, you want to feel comfortable. We don’t want to go as far as to liken our sheer curtains to lingerie… but, well… you could think of it as layering, as you would your clothes! So yes, ok, sheer curtains can be underwear for your windows!

If you don’t want to completely diffuse the sunlight in your home but still need some privacy from the street, you could opt for sheer cafe curtains. This contemporary style covers just half of your window in our sheer fabric, leaving the top half open for sun rays to flood your room. A perfect combination!

Earth Friendly

Like all of our fabrics, our sheer collections are eco-conscious. 20 plastic bottles are used per metre of fabric, how incredible is that?! So, by extension, you’re actually helping the planet by indulging in our collection. Interested in other ways to make your home more eco-friendly? Check out our favourite eco brands here.


Sheer curtains aren’t just for windows. Do you have open storage that you’d rather not see day in, day out? Open wardrobes looked stunning on Pinterest but the reality of having to keep all your clothes perfectly spaced, hung and folded is kicking in? No problem! Just hide it all behind a sheer curtain! You’ll still have the effect of airy storage, without the annoyance of seeing that pile of jeans keeling to one side. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to get started on your gorgeous new look.

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