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Marie's home

Meditate, Revive

Marie always likes to do her bit for the environment so fell in love with Revive when she received it in her sample pack.

Eco-warrior and marketing expert, Revive was a no-brainer for Marie. Let’s find out why…

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About Marie's Curtains

Fabric Meditate, Revive

Feel Modern

Room Type Living Room

“The large door means the living room can sometimes get a bit chilly, so I wanted a thick, textured fabric to stop the drafts in Winter. I loved the story behind Revive and the fact it’s made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, so it was the perfect fabric choice for this room. Even when the curtains are open, it adds a layer of texture to the space to make it feel more cosy. When you’ve got a smaller space it can be hard to add personal touches, but the curtains add a bit of personality and colour!”

Marie's fabric choice

Meditate, Revive

Made from recycled plastic bottles and inspired by the natural pigments found in traditional vegetable dyes, this is a fabric of the future.

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Marie's Sample Pack

Before she made a decision, Marie ordered some free fabric samples. Here's a selection of what she picked.