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Dave's home

Twilight, Flax

Their interior style is traditional with a contemporary twist. They have used a fresh and neutral paint scheme throughout layering colour, pattern and texture with a mix of accessories and mid-century furniture the couple have collected on their travels.

A quirky East London flat with a modern pop of colour. Dave chose feel-good fabrics Flax, Cotton Twill and Upcycled Silk. Take a closer look…

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About Dave's Curtains

Fabric Twilight, Flax

Feel Quirky

Room Type Living Room

The Living Room

In the living room, Dave’s flat has a large window which gives access to the balcony. He opted for a wave curtain with an ash track for a seamless modern look. The curtains stack back neatly to help maximise the natural light in the space and to frame the window beautifully, giving the illusion of a bigger window.

The Fabric

Twilight, Flax

Flax is a versatile fabric that blends subtle hints of colour for added depth. Flax yarns are spun with sustainable wool to create a lived-in, wild and strong weave with a colourful fleck detail.

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blue flax wave heading curtains blue flax curtain pooling room decoration interior decor

The Master Bedroom

In the bedroom, Dave opted for a single wave curtain with a track and a recess fitted roman blind both in Upcycled Silk, Empire Yellow. The yellow balances well with the proportion of white to ensure the space feels warm yet bright and vibrant. By installing the roman blind inside the recess, Dave has ensured a good nights sleep as no light will be able to creep around the edges of the blind.

The Fabric

Empire Yellow, Upcycled Silk

A warm and textural fabric with a subtle three tone mix that feels luxurious and unconventional.

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yellow upcycled silk curtain with wave heading yellow upcycled silk curtain pooling and cat yellow upcycled silk bedroom curtain

The Guest Bedroom

In the guest bedroom, the couple chose a roman blind fitted inside the recess in Cotton Twill, Wedgewood. Chic and refreshing, the blind compliments the colours in the room decoration, co-coordinating space and bringing a refreshing pop of colour to the forefront.

The Fabric

Wedgewood, Cotton Twill

A super soft brushed cotton fabric with a vintage feel. It’s durable and tactile and comes in a range of classic, suit-any-room colours.

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Dave's Sample Pack

Before he made a decision, Dave ordered a Stitched sample pack. Here's a selection of what he picked...